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    Host OS: Windows 7 64 bit
    Guest OS: Windows 98
    VMware version: 2.5.2 build-156735 VMware tools: build-16515

    For some reason, Win98 refuses to connect to the internet in VMware player, however it works fine in MS virtual PC.
    Also, I cannot set up folder sharing between Guest and Host, which also works fine in MS Virtual PC: it says “…command is not recognized by Guest OS tools”
    Regardless of what I do to DNS, WINS and IP settings, or whether it is set to Bridged, NAT or Host only, or how many IPCONFIG /release_all’s and /renew_all’s I do, VMware does not connect to the net.

    The only thing that stops me from just settling with MS virtual PC, which is clearly better in almost every way, is that only VMware has 3d acceleration support (‘experimental’, but functional).

    Attached is a .txt version of my .vmx file.
    Any help is appreciated.



    This thread might help

    Other things you could look into is vmware server or virtualbox.
    Virtualbox supports 3d acceleration its what I use to test windows builds of scorched3d since I am on linux. I have not used vmware server for a couple of years.



    Yea, I’d go with virtual box as Irish suggests, I’ve yet to use it properly myself, but I’ve read many a good word about it!

    In your Vmware, have you tried pinging the loopback address ( or localhost), if that’s failing, it’s more than your network settings, would appear to be that your network interface hasn’t been shared with the guestOS.

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