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    So, I get here after half-year not playing and I see this guy Vitos.
    He is green, his nickname is 5 letters long and he has cannabis on his avatar.
    He plays smart, he is very good, and he is ranked first.
    And I didnt remember him, never met him in game before. Though, I remember guy Bruin, who was green, had 5 letters long nickname and cannabis on avatar. He was playing smart, he was very good, and he was at the top of ranks…

    He was, before I quit playing. Stats of 40.1 told me after I was gone, Bruin almost stopped played also. Having substituted his avatar with some flower 😆 But suddenly appears someone Vitos with those green leaves and in about two months that had passed since my leaving till the end of 40.1 stats he managed to get to number 6 with >3500 kills, aint that something!
    And in following stats series he was 1st always and still…

    I know only two scorched maniacs boosting stats so fast and keeping them on inaccessible heights! Bruin, and the author… 😆

    Not even saying that many of his stats entries are quite similar to ones of Bruin.

    Also folks here say Vitos used to play with his girlfriend from one id. Bruin would do this quite often.
    Folks say Vitos used to create permatruces and plots. I do know Bruin loved to do it! Hehe, I used to participate some of his plots… until I got too high in stats and they started to be turned against me… 😆

    *Takes pill for paranoia, drinks*

    Ok ok lets just say Vitos is a reflection* of Bruin.

    * term from “Amber’s Chronicles” by Roger Zelazny



    Scary thought…

    I tried using my weed avatar too, but the forum won’t allow it due to


    Laptops Daddy

    lossy gif. wonders of the 21st century


    Mcb Lover

    WOAH….just LOL 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯


    The AI

    Vitos better not be Bruin, then again, if he is Bruin…


    Mcb Lover

    whats wrong with Bruin and why better me not to be Bruin? LOL …just not say that he was banned for cheating 😆


    pastor of muppets

    If V is bruin he hides well cuz we were missing him. If not then I have made a new friend yay me! We wondered that at one time too but why pursue it? If he wants to hide let himh hide.



    im sure in one thing….cannabis is great….avatar…. 😉



    Grandmaster Vihor, good to hear from you, how’s it going? Would you come and play some MCB games against ancient rusty pizza? 😆



    sure master pizza i will….when my interest for game grow up again. few to “smart” ppl constantly devastate game and our scorch community. currently i haven’t fun and pleasure in game.


    Mcb Lover

    V…i waiting name of this bastage who dont let you play:)
    Come on V..Join to mcb of very good players.

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