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    No Shelter

    Here is some new video to delight the killer in all of us!!!

    Song – No Shelter
    Band – Rage against the machine
    Size – 97mb.
    Length – 4 minutes and 16 seconds
    Resolution – 800×600

    This is a DivX file!!!!
    make sure you have DivX before trying to play this file!!!!



    Another fine production. 🙂

    One question: What’s the framerate of your original capture? Could you make the FR of the final the same as the originals? It would save a bit on file size.

    (Okay, so that was two questions)



    Thank you!

    I looked at just 1 of the video clips used in this video, it was over 120mb.
    that is bigger than the whole video, but if enough people ask I guess I could also release a 640×480 version, this might help, I like the larger formats personally, but I forget what 56k is like sometimes.



    I wouldn’t bother scaling it down – the vids would still be too big for 56k’rs 😉

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