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    Hurrah a new version!!
    This version contains some smaller fixes to keep you going while I work on the next latest and greatest major release *teaser – more details coming soon*.

    ** Download the new version here **

    Full change log:

    * Fixed a bug where rollers and projectiles can explode twice
    * Added target and tank collision options to rollers and projectiles
    * Fixed free market not working when bundle size is 0
    * Fixed various linux compilation and library version issues
    * Fixed a bug where the mod download percentage was wrongly calculated
    * Fixed a bug where AI accessories could get out of sync with the server
    * Fixed bug #124 water transparency on initial load
    * Fixed bug #47 free market economy tracking bot purchases
    * Fixed enhancement #61 added a tank starting bounds option
    * Fixed bug #147 death actions don't remove accessory from dead player
    * Fixed bug #149 % symbol doesn't appear in chat
    * Fixed enhancement #138 added ignoreshields and nolandscape collision options for rollers and projectiles


    Thanks, as always Gavin!

    Some exciting changes here! AWE will be open on its V44 release very soon!

    I will be maintaining it separately from the base client to facilitate easier tweaks and avoid confusion with the globalmods folder.

    Hope to see you mates there!

    All the best,




    wow…haven’t been here much due to running business (had to reduce employees so this old fart has to work harder, tY obabma)
    and got wrapped up in cryptocoin mining (ty Peanut) which is pretty …ummm…what do you say….its like a drug, a habit forming drug.



    Great to see, i finally get my head back together, and i’m greeted
    with a new presant!

    Curios.. haven’t read the hundreds of posts yet to see, did we fix Lasers yet?



    Congrats on the release, Gavin. I’ll have to check this out.



    Any news on when MacOS will be built for version 44? Anybody I need to poke? 🙂

    I’ve got a LAN party coming up and having the MacOS version would be fantastic to get a few more of the Mac folks at my work place involved…



    Sorry, just saw the post about not having a Mac platform to build on. I’ve got a developer co-worker that runs Mac at home. What does it take to do a build on Mac? Maybe I can talk to him to see if he would be willing to do a build…

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