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    It gives me great pleasure in announcing the release of Scorched3D version 43.3. This is a minor bugfix release. This release is NOT compatible with any previous versions of Scorched3D.

    I’d like to thank everyone that participated in the development and beta testing of this version. There have been a substantial number of fixes/improvements made and the test effort was fantastic. I’d especially like to thank Thrax for amongst other things the test servers and Armor for letting me use his great new mod (AWE). I’d also like to thank Laptops for creating a brand new website theme with which to launch with.

    Download here

    Main changes:
    – Saved game can now be loaded
    – Brand new mod (AWE for a different and faster paced gameplay experience).
    – Many other bug fixes

    Full change log:

    Fixed deform textures not working for textures with <> 3 channels
    Fixed some weapon defaults being overwritten
    Fixed tanks not falling when eroding napalm is being used
    Updated shader check to check for number of available varying float
    Commit of awe data files and none mod image files
    Compressed apoc mod bmp files into jpeg
    Added AWE mod
    Converted some textures to jpg to save space
    Image utilities updated to cope with different image component size
    Updated to support single channel jpeg file
    Updated to support single channel alpha map
    Updated jpeg to output errored files.
    Double memory free fix.
    Small compilation fix for linux
    More memory leak fixes for the client.
    Updated mod download progress to include KB done.
    Fixed mod download progress so it doesn't reset to 0% during download.
    Updated mod info files for removal of option.
    Changed server so mod files are loaded from file system rather than cached in memory
    More memory leak fixes.
    Fixed landscape pattern being repeated over the border for the options screen
    Added surroundtexture option to the file based landscape texture file
    Added option to mod info to stop mods shipped with the game having all of their files loaded into memory
    Fixed some memory leaks or isues hiding memory leak
    Added command line option to allow server to exit after a time period (exittime)
    Updated make files for latest fedora build
    Fixed isue where WeaponTankVelocity and WeaponSelectPosition could return wrong info
    Added more sync logging to the WeaponTankVelocity
    Added sync option to exit server when errors are detected
    Fixed isue with projectile number parser being called on the client only
    Added more logging to number parsers so they know their owner
    Added WeaponAimed sync checking
    Added ability for custom weapon sync messages.
    Added group name to the WeaponAimed sync
    Updated server message to say the mod its loading
    Fixed compiler code ambiguity issue
    Added sync check support for weapon
    Checking added to force the use of losless image formats for level
    Fixed bug where death animation was different across client
    Added sync checking for initial target placement
    Fixed compilation issues on Linux.
    Fixed server sometimes hanging when tanks with tank types try to buy.
    Added landscapeerosion tag to WeaponNapalm to allow it erode the landscape.
    Fixed sound dialog not be accessible on some screen
    Fixed buy time not being correct on the progress dialog
    Fixed not being able to use the camera modes when buying
    Fixed WeaponAimedOver targeting dead tank
    Added admin "change name" function to allow admins to force a player name change (available via command line, web and in-game)
    Fixed a bug where players could be forced to play against no opponents when a spectator join
    Fixed rounds not ending due to lives being awarded to dead players.
    Fixed admin players being able to kill players in the wrong state
    AI Tanks now join all at once rather than being added slowly one at a time
    Fixed player dialog resetting for each player in single player (offline) mode
    Fixed online player parameters not being remembered correctly
    Fixed players getting stuck when crashing during loading
    Fixed not being able to kick players that do not have a destination (connection)
    Updated projectiles and rollers so they can use local or global groups. A local group is only visible to the instance of the weapon that fired it. Added "localgroupname" and "globalgroupname" tags to rollers and projectiles (removed "groupname").
    Added "ringtextureset" and "ringradius" to lasers to allow rings to be drawn around the laser, defaults to 0 (off)
    Fixed spelling for loser in turn type
    Added "scale" attribute to weapon roller to allow the model to be scaled (like projectiles), defaults to 1
    Added "wobblespin" and "wobbleamount" to weapon projectile to allow a wobbly path to be used, defaults to off, good values < 1
    Updated sniper shots to hopefully remove malformed shot
    Added "watertransparency" attribute to landscape texture files to allow the water transparency to be configured, defaults to 1
    Added new explosion type "directionalring" that uses the velocity of the current WeaponExplosion as the axis for the explosion
    Updated ultra display options for even more goodne
    Fixed UPnP port forwarding for PPP routers for PnP server hosting
    Added UPnP external IP address detection for PnP server hosting
    Updated some tank textures with the latest texture
    Changed the rules key to bring up the player dialog
    Added a new ultra display setting with most things turned up to 11
    topped round from ending when a new bot is about to fill a vacated place
    Fixed compilation for GCC
    Fixed some GCC -Wall warning
    Fixed a small memory leak in the sync check code
    Fix for object groups not returning consistent object count
    Added XMLDiff to sync checking to make it easier to distinguish result
    Fixed some minor gcc compilation error
    Fixed sprite actions causing sync check error
    Player/tank dialog correctly selects the players current model, team and color.
    Tank types can now be defined as the default type
    Tank types can be selected from the player dialog (shows description via tooltip)
    Added tank types to the player dialog
    Changed progress dialog to also display game settings (will be expanded next version)
    WeaponProjectiles and WeaponBounce can now be added to object groups using the tag
    Committed some missing file
    Fixed fuel selection not being removed when switching to another weapon
    Generalized object groups so particles can be added to groups as well as target
    Fix for not committing TargetDamage class
    Decoupled referenced actions from player id to allow tankets to fire non-referenced action
    Added usenormalmoves option to target definitions to allow the AI to shoot out with the normal move setting (Just shoots based on the AI shot time)
    Targets can now be assigned AIs via the tankai tag in target definition
    More additions to add AIs to target
    Fixed ship placements not spread out the ships in the group
    Some minor performance fixes after using Cppcheck
    Moved AI portion out of tank into tanket, to allow targets with AI
    Fixed game crashing due to sound errors when quitting to main menu
    Added nocameratrack attribute to explosions, naplam, rollers and projectile
    Added groupname parameter to weapon aimed under and over. When set the weapon will target items from the group rather than near by tanks.
    Added parameter deformsize to weapon explosion to allow the deform size to be set independently. This defaults to the size if not set.
    Added gravityfactor to WeaponProjectile and WeaponRoller.
    Added TankFallingDamage to game settings to prevent tank falling damage
    Added billboard option to target definitions to allow models to be billboarded
    Added spinaxis option to projectile weapons to allow them to spin on a different axi
    Added mushroom texture option to explosions so you can set the mushroom cloud texture
    Sped up the landscape deformation delay and added a display.xml setting for it
    Changed the default display settings to windowed at 1024x768.
    Fixed a compilation error on some gnu compilers.
    Fixed mod files not being removed from the client if removed from the server.
    Fixed burn actions for target
    Added collision actions for targets, tag
    Added accessories can be added to the explosion death animation by adding them to the "deathaction" accessory group
    Updated copyright and GPL text
    Players can talk while downloading mod
    Progress while downloading mods is now shown in K to better show appreciable progre
    Limit movement type now correctly shows the available position
    Backdrop dialog now animates birds and ship
    Added most tanks from the pro mod (courtesy of ArmorWraith)
    Fixed bug where players could be left orphaned on the server
    Fixed games and rounds not being updated in the online game stats.
    - Increased rolling time on roller
    - Added the default Dirt Charge (only as a death event for now)
    Fixed lack of particle textureset
    Fixed smoke texture setting not being honoured for projectile
    Fix to saved game bug



    =D> *admiration *speechless




    New version cant wait to play. Must go download source.

    Thank-you Gavin for another release!!



    Nice. Thanks for the continued effort G Man.
    Oh and I guess the Bunny should get a nod too.

    Perhaps once the new stat series is started those of us still lingering around could do a push to try and get the old hacks we still have contact with to return.
    Not gonna hold my breath that it’ll work, but it’s gotta be worth a try!



    I really like AWE mod being included in S3D, graphics look much better, even sounds are better!
    At some point performance is still okay, but I’ll have to check how it will go online.

    I would rather like that game uses whole graphics (fire, etc) and sounds from AWE.



    @tom.K wrote:

    I really like AWE mod being included in S3D, graphics look much better, even sounds are better!

    -Graphics are the same as the default, I just tweaked some. But I get what you mean.

    At some point performance is still okay, but I’ll have to check how it will go online.

    -Preformance shouldnt be too much different, I havent tested a server full of 24 people yet, but if there is a preformance problem ill look into it.

    I would rather like that game uses whole graphics (fire, etc) and sounds from AWE

    -Main should really be kept original, its the classic and mother of all mods. 🙂

    Im glad you like it Tom, be sure to stop into the online server at some point, I will be updating it quite regularly. I will also be listening to players input for new weapons, pricing, weapon effectiveness, and general complaints.




    Hi, I have a question: When will this version be available on debian/LMDE?




    @redfox wrote:

    Hi, I have a question: When will this version be available on debian/LMDE?


    It is now. Compile from source.
    Packages only get done now and then when ppl can be bothered. Which has been getting less frequent as the community has shrunk.



    Oh I Like hacking on Peanuts 😈

    hahahahhaa…….first game with version I rolled a bot, kilt him…
    he funked out and got me. Then I funked out and got the other two weiner bots….Dis shizt is FUN! :mrgreen:



    Glad I checked before I reinstalled 43.2. Great work guys can’t wait to play it!



    Dunno know what you guys did but the is the bEST scorched has ever run on this laptop. =D>
    Many Thanks!



    @chopper wrote:

    Dunno know what you guys did but the is the bEST scorched has ever run on this laptop. =D>
    Many Thanks!

    Thanks chopper put a real load of effort into making it faster and smaller.

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