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    Following the release of the 4th beta here, I’ve now released a 5th with these changes:

      Forced the use of lossless image formats for levels
      Fixed bug where death animation were different across clients
      Added sync check support for weapons
      Updated server message to report the loading mod
      Fixed compiler code ambiguity issue
      Added group name to the WeaponAimed sync
      Fixed issue with projectile number parser being called on the client only
      Updated make files for latest fedora build
      Fixed some memory leaks or issues hiding memory leaks
      Added command line option to allow server to exit after a time period (exittime)
      Fixed landscape pattern being repeated over the border for the options screen
      Added surroundtexture option to the file based landscape texture file
      Changed server so mod files are loaded from file system rather than cached in memory
      Updated mod download progress to include KB done.
      Fixed mod download progress so it doesn’t reset to 0% during download.
      Updated to support single channel jpeg files
      Updated to support single channel alpha maps
      Added AWE mod
      Converted some textures to jpg to save space
      Updated shader check to check for number of available varying floats

    I know I said the last beta would be the last, but I got carried away putting too much more stuff in. This version has passed some stringent client<>server synchronization checks, and now uses much less memory that the last versions (especially the servers). It also includes a whole new mod.

    Download here:

    Many thanks to all the people who helped find these bugs, and thanks and congratulations to Armor for his inclusion of a mod into the distribution.



    I’ve released an interim bug fix version with some small bugs fixed.

      Fixed deform textures not working for textures with 3 channels
      Fixed some weapon defaults being overwritten
      Fixed tanks not falling when eroding napalm is being used

    Download here:



    Thanks for the quick reply, and fixes Gavin, Ill do some further testing with this version soon.




    After 3 and a half hours of bug testing, no problems so far. 🙂 =D>



    Great work thanks Armor.

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