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    @deathbal wrote:

    Happened again to me about 10 minutes ago. The AI killed
    self and I had to keep skipping to get out of the round. Then it took my assist
    away and gave the bot 1 kill.

    exactly what has been resolved by the up-coming patch, and that i tried
    to share with a few from my own copy, but couldn’t.

    The Server was tracking where you and the bots were sitting, and the damage
    you were dealing. However your Client was getting different results, believed
    the bot was dead, and sat there waiting.. in the mean-time, the bot was still
    alive, and shooting at you invisibly, till you were killed.

    Playing in merge with Cambo a few days ago made it rediculously obvious..
    After spawning on a hill-top in the south corner, Cambo and i first killed the
    bots then targeted each-other.. However, he kept shooting somewhere
    in the center of the map into an empty crater. I knew why, but let him..
    and watched him whoop in success from blasting me, while i was still
    no-where close to the craters. Leaving him sitting like you just did DB..
    waiting for an invisible tank to erase you.



    That makes sense. That would explain the score change to reflect exactly what you said.

    The thought that the bot could actually kill me never crossed my mind. 😀



    i think we all appreciate your efforts patching the new version & we’re waiting

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