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    New update made available this week to fix a few more holes.

    No other mention of it was made and no new bugs resolved in Mantis, so i
    assume it’s just another case of Gavin preferring to fix things, rather than
    stop to talk about them. 😀



    I’m testing it out a little on the unsuspecting before I make it official. Again its compatible with 43.1. Heres the change list so far:

    Game shouldn’t count loading or spectator tanks when calculating who’s left
    Performance improvement for drawing targets and tanks
    Fixed the winning banner being too wide for the screen when many players draw/win.
    Fixed round numbers from getting beyond the maximum round number
    Added residual player settings to settings dialogs
    Fixed residual players not being recorded correctly
    Added residual player functionality for non-stats servers
    Sped up AI turn speeds for non-RTS modes
    Slightly longer time allowed for people to buy
    Players can connect immediately after being disconnected (no duplicated SUI/UID issues)
    Lowered the maximum amount of time for the remove tank setting (added setting to both configuration dialogs)
    Changed residual players to be on when the setting is on, and not vice-versa
    Changed the max and min settings for IdleCycleTime

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