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    It gives me great pleasure in announcing the release of Scorched3D version 43.1c. This is a minor feature/bugfix release fixing some issues in version 43.1. This release is compatible with all previous versions of 43.1.

    Downloads are available via our SourceForge mirror service here:

    This is likely to be the last release compatible with version 43.1, allowing the next version to make larger changes.

    Change log for version 43.1c:

      Fixed server and client calculating auto balance differently.
      Money formatting changed so larger numbers are easier to read
      Added AI logging to enable AI debugging
      Camera mode is not reset between rounds when only AIs are playing
      Count down sound for shot timer
      Made text sound less obtrusive
      Followed shots now don’t flicker when being followed
      Tank/shield health not shown in some of the camera views
      Action camera won’t follow ship shots
      Old sight position is now correctly centred on the gun
      Added option for tank/tree reflections for high end computers
      Added option for particle reflections for high end computers
      Restricted view setting is now persistent
      Fuel position landscape indicator now goes away as soon as the fuel is used
      The buy and shot timers take account of the latency
      In game chat now has a moveable cursor
      More model speed ups
      Game shouldn’t count loading or spectator tanks when calculating who’s left
      Performance improvement for drawing targets and tanks
      Fixed the winning banner being too wide for the screen when many players draw/win.
      Fixed round numbers from getting beyond the maximum round number
      Added residual player settings to settings dialogs
      Fixed residual players not being recorded correctly
      Added residual player functionality for non-stats servers
      Sped up AI turn speeds for non-RTS modes
      Slightly longer time allowed for people to buy
      Players can connect immediately after being disconnected (no duplicated SUI/UID issues)
      Lowered the maximum amount of time for the remove tank setting (added setting to both configuration dialogs)
      Changed residual players to be on when the setting is on, and not vice-versa
      Changed the max and min settings for IdleCycleTime



    Great Job Gavin!

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