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    Ok ill check the camera view. There should not be AA on, I don’t turn it on.



    @gcamp wrote:

    Ok ill check the camera view. There should not be AA on, I don’t turn it on.

    Just checked the camera view on mine, I don’t see any clipping issues.

    I take it happens everytime? What settings are you using?



    Yes it happens every time. Like I said, it might just be the generic intel card. They haven’t released drivers for it in like 3 years. Let me get the settings….

    800×600 res

    Details ALL set to Medium.

    No precipitation
    Don’t Animate sky
    No birds
    Draw Simplistic Water
    No Trees
    No waves at Shore
    No VBO

    As far as AA goes, it turned on (for all games) after I installed new drivers so I shut it off.



    Hmm.. I’ve come across a little roller bug.

    I lined up a 1000 power shot on Willis, the projectile made contact with the mountain about 1cm (give or take) directly above his tank (which should have resulted in a dead Willis), then vanished. The rollers appeared about 7-10cm (across the screen) to the left, and about 4cm up.

    A very annoying little glitch, which I have never seen before.



    @willis wrote:

    Well lasers (I’ve been giving this much thought on how to accuratly improve them) are open to much intepretation on its efficiency. To explain them simply, attributes are setup to define the minimum and maximum distances and damage abilities.

    The differences are used in a range, and however much power you put into the weapon defines where it lands on that range. So yes the less power the more damage but shorter the beam. I’ll be commenting more on this later after I do a few field tests.

    wondering where you were at on this issue willis, i had some comments but was wondering what you have on it…..

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