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    Got an opinion on the new version? Post it here…

    I can’t post mine yet cause I haven’t downloaded it yet. Just thought I’d make this thread before anyone else does. 😉



    Client crashes every time when new round starts.But this is only when i try to play 1 on 1.I think this is the same problem like here
    Btw i got patch 38=>39,not the full ver.



    I can’t reach ANY server..
    You can read it on the privet one, Death.
    I downloaded the full version.
    I checked the uniqe id and got none..



    I love it!!!! Awesome job!!!! 😀 By the way i know not for long but right now i am #1!!! 😮



    I was quite amazed at what you accomplished with the birds. Very cool stuff.



    Love the sounds but I have one problem

    The launch.wav file runs over the firing sound and into the explosion sounds.

    also wondering is the play.wav file changed from the last game? It runs right into the explosions also.

    Makes it hard to hear the full sound of a explosion in game for sound testing in game.



    Very very nice, love the special fighters cruizing around. But I hate to be the one picking on the toys but:

    Sandhogs are way way strong for accuracy.

    Lasers – somethings gotta be done to make them stronger, the “heavy” laser takes 3 attacks for a kill. I could understand if the “regular” laser did that (not even knowing what damage that does) but the heavy should do better IMO. Maybe 75 damage per shot. This way it is NOT an insta-kill weapon, however it is signifantly potent. Yes maybe his could raise the prices of them too (or not, whoknows)

    Second laser suggestion – maybe include lasers to have a 1.0 second delay before firing. Why? Again we do not want a insta-kill style weapon, this gives plentiful time for fuel and teleport systems to activate (ok maybe > 1 if we’re talkin about teleporters).

    Next – the advertising is creative and inspiring but way too frequent. Is it on a second timer? If so, maybe make it 3-4x as long between repeats.

    Next – fuel – we’re seeing it as a last moment “teleport” jump even though we can hear the tank movement sound. So somethings goofy there.

    Non-bughunt suggestion: the models of jets and choppers, could they _MAYBE_ be larger? They look cool but are tiny, on second thought at least the jets.

    Oh one small question for the filter system, which works very nice… PLAYED – the YED gets filtered, whats YED??? is it possible to have it detect certain conditions when it should not be filtered, whatever it is?

    Thats all I can think of right now – again GREAT JOB.



    It’s funny Willis said that the jets were too small because I heard the noise of jets but didn’t see any so I came on here to suggest a jet model but apparently there already is one.

    ALSO, I got a crash today, and I’m not sure how.

    Another suggestion is on the dedicated server console teams are listed by color but in-game they are listed by number. (This may have been like this even before 39) I think it should be kept consistent because I wanted to look at what team the bots were on and join the opposite team but they were listed as “team red” so I didn’t know whether I should join team 1 or team 2.

    So far everything else seems good.

    Now on to some more of what I DO like. I like that a lot more things are going on in the environment. That makes the game a lot more interesting. I also noticed you fixed the refresh rate in this version. Very Good. I can enjoy Scorched 3D in 85hz without doing some extra tinkering.



    raptormod is totally messed up now. NOTHING WORKS. Even the regular weapons are crashing the mod!!!!!



    Next – the advertising is creative and inspiring but way too frequent. Is it on a second timer? If so, maybe make it 3-4x as long between repeats.

    ??? where is this ???

    I agree the sound is a little messy…. as I stated above the firing wav is run over by the launch.wav file and launch.wav runs into the explosion sounds.

    the play.wav sound runs into the explosion sounds.

    all sounds seem lower in volume even in my mod and now the blackhole.wav file “cracks” at the end when played when it didn’t in 38.1



    @deathstryker wrote:

    ALSO, I got a crash today, and I’m not sure how.

    Btw who else have game crashes….? Right now i cant play even if there are more than 1 player.Game window just close on end of every round without any message 😥



    My copy also crashes when a new round starts, the full Windows install. I also cannot access the official servers because of a 50 kill rule. Willis said in the admin forum that he didn’t encounter that barrier. I posted a rant there. Basically I won’t be playing Scorched anymore.



    I had a crash also after playing one round but it didn’t happen untill I increased my sound channels from 16 to 32 or because and I turned birds off and didnt’ turn the bird sounds off.

    I stoped having the one round crash after I put sound channels back to 16 but I aslo turned bird sounds off.

    anyone else only change the sound channels and then get crashes?



    ??? where is this ???

    Every minute or two it cycles though (the minute or two between individual messages) between a series of server messages [where you see conversation text apear], messages like:

    “Welcome to Scorched 3D”
    “Visit for news and forums”
    for Stats” // Its something with stats.. thats all I can recal.

    I think that was it, cannot recal.

    Its just thier too often.. if it only happend maybe when people entered.. or again if the timer was 3-4x longer.. it would be more sensable.



    ok, haven’t played on-line yet with 39.

    But I think I have clue to whats crashing.
    When scorch is crashing on my it is also causing my VLC (Video Lan) to crash and it also is casuing other video programs to crash. It could possible be causing some part of Open GL, or directX to crash but not giving a message for a crash till you try to use it(But I’m not getting a crash message for either one (OpenGL or DirectX) just the program that may use it)

    Crash info after Scorched3D has crashed then trying to use VLC

    VLC caused an invalid page fault in
    module at 0000:b00dc120.
    EAX=de9ca000 CS=01af EIP=b00dc120 EFLGS=00010286
    EBX=00000006 SS=01b7 ESP=03dcf794 EBP=03dc87ae
    ECX=00001248 DS=01b7 ESI=ddca879c FS=01a7
    EDX=03dcf78c ES=01b7 EDI=de9c5e37 GS=0000
    Bytes at CS:EIP:

    Stack dump:
    00000f6f 00000377 0000fb76 8058b560 01b72007 a0000000 87c8de9c 03770fa6 00001248 00000006 b00dc120 000001af ddca6000 260b880a 12480377 60000000


    VLC will work if Scoched3D hasn’t crashed

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