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    @boy wrote:

    Well, the tournament section appears to be down for the moment

    I could not log in to check/approve members 😕

    Hopefully Gavin is tinkering with the site or something……Gavin?

    THis is the error message i got when i logged in to check the tournament

    Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/s/c/scorched3d_co_uk/phpBB2/tournamentview.php on line 474

    I’ve not done anything until today!
    Is it still down for you?

    I’ve now changed it so you can move the state to playing and finished so people can tell when they can’t join. Also a winner can now be assigned so I guess I can do the cup icon next to the name if people want.



    ahh, cool!

    It is working again 😀

    I know I might be the biggest slut for stats of all time, but I think people would like to have the little trophy cup for winning official tournaments 😀 😀 😀



    I am now starting the tournament, the server could be up at any time!



    It seems that there are changes to the tournament section that no longer allow moderators to approve new members or make edits to rules after the tournament starts.

    I will be sending the password to any additional approved players who would like to join and play on the server. Please send me a Private Message to join! Read the rules too, if you have not done so.


    Apollo Tangent

    I’d hate to suggest that the new version is “over the top” but I think that noobs can’t join it.

    The + 50 kills in the noob server has to go.

    I’m tempted to relay server loop holes to get players like “moke” back.

    That would only cause massive rivalry.

    So i sit on my badge once again, I’d like input from WOW on it.

    I’ve gone back to my previous job again and there are so many people sticking their fingers into the pot that the end result is ADMIN SOUP!

    That means, nothing gets done.




    over the top? meaning the new version of the tournament? I’m not exactly sure what you are refering to with all this, but can you please keep it related to the tournament if thats not what you’re talking about. 😉

    in regards to the tournament, please see the rules, I am approving anyone with 10 kills on official servers.

    what exactly to you mean by badge and what is that isn’t getting done? – just send me a PM. 🙂



    I feel like I’m waiting in line for a roller coaster during a rain delay 😆 😆 😆

    Tournament is officially delayed at this point, but no fear, this will only build anticipation!



    just got home and was HOPING to see the tourney server up but i guess not today 🙁



    Well, it seems gavin is AFK for the moment. I dont have stats but I have put up a server for the weekend, so you guys can get a bit of practice with the new settings. additional changes, (i hope the rest are right)

    INTEREST IS 30% (no option for 33)

    see rules for other changes



    Ah, many thanks for that boy, I’ll make sure to give it a try if i can.



    initially i set the practice server for no download, but this prevented folks from logging on, sorry for that.

    i am also gonna change settings. Sharpen your skills, defeat the cyborg 😛



    The practice server is passworded, how do we join please ?



    😛 Silly, the password is in the member description on the description page for the tournament.

    Anyone with suggestions for the practice server, please let me know.




    Uh yeah, dunno why each time my eyes keep missing it 😳



    Yes! I didn’t miss anything!

    What a strange stroke of luck.

    I’ve been hypnotised by a game called “runescape” for the past few days, damn near completely forgot about scorched.

    Don’t wanna miss a second tournament.

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