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    Regardless of the heated debates surrounding the recent changes here, I will continue to focus on the FUTURE of the game, not past problems.

    V43 is going to be a big change. I have been saying this changes everything, but I figure there is only a small group that has looked at the beta. (server has had issues, yes)

    Please download the beta and try it if you are the least bit curious.

    THe main topic to discuss here is the settings to be used for the main server.

    For instance. A) Continuous shooting? (Turn Free mode, limited by approx. one second delays)

    Or, B) time limited shooting (Turn Free Timed mode – there is no shot timer, unlimited shooting limited only by server defined shot delay)

    If B) is more popular, how fast should the turns timer be? I suggest more than 5 seconds but less than 10 seconds

    It will be best played with multiple lives, this I’m sure of, but how many lives, how long should timed rounds be?

    What should the price of smaller weapons be? (I think they will be fired much more than before)

    How about the price of other items?

    The freem market can tweek things a bit but it is more important to select the right base prices.

    What speed should the basic fuel be? (This is a very important setting, since fuel management will be more important than ever, there will be much more frequent movement. I think it shoudl be much slower, but also cheaper)

    THe scale of weapons also needs to be looked at. A round where 1000 shots are fired at normal scales will devestate the map to nothing in many cases.



    My dear Boy i have indeed tried the Beta 😀 (loving every bit of it)

    I have a few suggestions: (i know, stop already)

    – Incrrease hit points on tanks (say 1000?)

    – Make xplosions smaller yes

    – I think you have shot time perfectly at 5 seconds

    -Make shields a tad smaller, so there not so easy to hit.

    – Timed rounds should not exceed 10 minutes ( you figure 1 shot for 5 seconds should be plenty of time.)

    – ports a bit delayed

    – Have a easy pricing system, say 20 missiles for 15K

    -There would then need to be more money per round

    – the funky bomb will become a super weapon ( noo clue how to curb this)

    – perhaps make infinite chutes as they would be irrelevant to gameplay now

    -dont scale shot power directly with life

    – larger maps and higher

    – fuels should indeed be slower, with faster ones going up in price ( EX: nitro vs Diesel) also amount of climb for tank height should increase due to larger lands

    -napalm that is more graphically efficent (for those that dont have a monster card like meh :D)

    – perhaps fiercer wind?

    All i have for now,



    pastor of muppets

    I have had many problems with the Beta. Mostly due to my pos comp. I will say the continous firing gives me some trouble since I am used to camera 4 which follows the shot and it can’t follow the shot since it is time to shoot again after I shoot. This will change the game greatly and I think the best way to find out what needs to be tweaked is when the masses begin to play and we found out what they don’t like.



    Hi :

    Shooting Styles

    In the no timer mode (my preference) I would prefer that the shots be implemented such that the player can not shoot again until the previous shot has completed.

    Rational : Funky bombs, rollers, etc., take time. The ability to fire multipe funky bombs before anyone else can get started seems undesirable.

    Timed rounds … Using the current shooting style, the approx. round time is 5 to 8 minutes. No suggestion.

    Multiple lives : Keep the players shooting and the players will keep playing.
    At least 2, perhaps 3, with bonus awards for the lives remaining.

    Weapon prices and fuel speed : The bot server prices seemed to offer
    a nice ratio of price to weapon. Fuel speeds seem fine to me.

    Good catch on the devestation. When I was working on bermed craters and mini guns, I seem to remember that the code did not provide small enough increments of change for the deform tags. A float value for these tags would provide more precise adjustment. Other than that, no opinion at this time.

    Bye for now.



    In turn, what is the overall effect you wish to give V43’s main server?

    We should perhaps establish the overall tone/feel of the version, before we suggest tweaks right?

    Ex: do you want massive destruction, tactical play, or on the edge of your seat action?

    What im not quite understanding is,what kind of effect do you intend to create?



    The AI

    Personally, I’d prefer that it would still retain its turn-based aspects, compared to an general mêlée, but I have to admit that I like being able to fire a second shot without having to wait for rollers and such to complete their work. It adds another layer, tactically.

    For weapons, I think a slightly different model for packaging them would be best. If ‘baby’ weapons were packaged such that they would fit your needs per-round, and the main distinction between those and their more powerful versions being the number you were allowed, it would shift the focus from buying the weapon to buying the bullets. Larger ‘set piece’ weapons like Funkies would be limited to only one or two per-player, thus increasing their perceived value and limiting their overuse at the same time.

    The above could also apply to shields, in that players would have to chose between powerful shields which they could only have a few of, or weaker shields which they can replenish throughout the match, but may be defeated by a heavy-hitting weapon. You could also handle the issue of increased health or extra lives at the shield level, if shield prices are adjusted such that the usage of them is assumed. The same could go for parachutes in merge.

    Is anyone else having issues getting past the ‘authenticating’ bit when joining the beta server?



    I would also like to retain as much of the classic feel of the turn based style as I can, and this is going to be a hard balance to find.

    Shields are limited and more options would be nice. I really forsee that apoc mod will become the popular current mod to play on, more weapons, and buildings and things happening, a general melee, yes. But we havn’t moved on to adjustment of apoc yet, I figure we could start by working on the main mod first.

    Perhaps a turn based traingin sever, unlimited lives, and a turn free main server, then a pro server with apoc mod running.

    just ideas – keep them flowing, I really like kanga’s ideas a lot.



    If you wish to begin with the same feel as the existing setup, I would
    recommend the second menu option: TurnSimultaneousNoWait.

    This will allow All players to still have a fair Turn, yet allow for recovery,
    defence, and strategy.

    Since some players may need time to think, the game may appear almost
    identical to the existing main-server. However, when players understand
    the advantages of faster shooting, they may speed up and evenually may
    see multiple shots in the air.

    Perhaps, after the V43 has been accepted by the crowd, a 3rd server with
    a faster mass-battle play style can be opened. Not everyone is a FPS fan
    or a quick shooter, and may wish to still enjoy a relaxed pace game.



    good point, I havn’t tried that mode yet. The main big difference though is that you still have a turn time out and must skip turns, which is a pain. 🙁

    With TurnFreeTimed there is none of that so it seems to me it would be smoother.


    The AI

    This might be a stupid question, but why isn’t the beta sever set to stock, rather than apoc? Not sure about the rest of you, but I still haven’t had a chance to play the stock beta online yet. It would probably be easier to balance the settings if we did.



    Good point. Never the less, anyone who wants to run the stock can do so offline and still give some insight to settings.

    The apoc server for beta 1 was also running for quite some time before this thread began, I suppose gavin probably just reset the server for beta 2 since no one really asked for the stock.


    Laptops Daddy

    a polite request to thrax? beta none mod test server?

    id do it, but betas are a real pain for me (id have to cross compile)



    @laptops Daddy wrote:

    a polite request to thrax? beta none mod test server?
    id do it, but betas are a real pain for me (id have to cross compile)

    Swapped. Polite was the correct way.

    5sec bot-timer
    50k starting cash
    1 life
    15% interest
    Reward for Effort
    Score points Less intimidating.
    no Stats.
    Balanced Free-Market Codeing



    whether or not 1 life is better competition, isn’t it better to have multi lives for beta testing situtation? just a thought.



    @boy wrote:

    whether or not 1 life is better competition, isn’t it better to
    have multi lives for beta testing situtation? just a thought.

    For those who become brave enough to grudgingly leave the Mains and try
    the new beta, i don’t want to freak them out too much with variety.

    I may increase it to 2 or 3 after enough people have tried it. However, the
    current test settings will let them feel more at home untill they begin shooting
    faster on thier own. I already know that the respawning works, i just want
    them to feel the changes in the speed, smoothness, and strategy first.

    With the ability to Heal and re-shield during battle, they should learn to defend
    and preserve the precious life they have been given.. Rather than have them
    believe that there’s always a safety net of another life. 😀

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