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    Your Game performance/glitches per individual: #1
    Your Likes & dislikes concerning this server: #2
    Your wants & needs to make this server more enjoyable for you(Ideas): #3

    *Please try to compile your answers into 1 post*

    I’ll start with myself….
    #1- Shots fade at times dependent on my cell modem signal at the time. Game seems to lag at times also due to my connection (recently,today on beginner server). See attachment(screen shot) for my game performance #’s below.
    Night time play seems better for me=Better isp signal. My location=U.S. Missouri
    *Edited 1/2 hour later*
    The beginner Server still shows I am playing in the server….. I quit Scorched3d in the usual way. This is the 2nd time this has happened to me in the past week or so.
    #2- Beginner server is supposed to be just that…..for beginner players mostly & veterans if they feel like practicing against the bots & helping out new players. I played this server today (3 rounds) and found the bots too aggressive for new players (& myself)- I sat 50 percent of the time watching the bots play after they had killed me numerous times (& I am no pushover at this game)=Not much fun!! I got laser killed in early rounds,the bots shields were too strong & rollers no longer stick to sheilds & Diggers,missles,smirves bounce off them with minimal damage to the bots. Suffices to say, Noobs would leave/no win situation for them–*Need more opinions for this server*
    #3- Bring this server back to a basic beginner server (Bot behavior)… & make it so a spot on shot from a human player counts toward a kill or extremely damage an opponent(bot or human) as it should. I personally do not like the team theme here….. probably just because I was used to having a team server separate to play that mode. Besides… playing a team game now daily seems as though it would take away from any future tournament games fun. Just my opinion….

    Beginner Server performance for me

    Placed inline(-Hover over the graph looking symbol ingame(above small map) to bring up the “performance” info./then, screen shot the screen(I then use Vista snipping tool to snip the area-)[attachment=0:1avzekoc]VIKING-Perfomance-BeginnersServer.JPG[/attachment:1avzekoc]



    My feedback:
    1. I have the same opinion like VIk, the bots are too good for beginners. new player that comes will find him self dead in 2 shots in avarage. Too quick, too frustrating.
    2. Also, again like VIK, I miss the old original Beginner Server. Not a Team server but a server u could just sit and help others or play without parachutes because u don’t are there just to shoot and help. No teams…why there is no seperate sever for teams game anymore?? It should be seperated for the beginners server.


    Levi the Oracle

    I noticed the AIs aren’t buying parachutes, or more accurately, they don’t buy them consistently. You can kill the AIs like flies on the beginner mod if you can cause them to fall. I would recommend making the AIs a little tougher in regard to parachutes.



    @ levi,
    Diggers have always worked to kill the ai’s on the beginner server- I just figured a new player would not know that and they would get frustrated while trying to learn all the aspects of the game. I have killed new people in two successive rounds(long ago)…. watch them rage quit & never return to play the game.
    We cannot have the Bots/Ai’s doing that to new players; is my only concern.

    BTW, I only did that~killing a noob~ When they got out of hand during a game(before I was an admin)…. Re: causing trouble on a server.



    I had a ball today in beginners.. for some reason I enjoy playing there more so
    then on regular..I don’t really know why.



    @rustykdr wrote:

    The game’s action point system ensures that players with limited time online are just as competitive as players that have unlimited time online. Further game features include player-created alliances, free territory delimitations and private starbases, a tutorial to help you get started and a friendly, mature player community

    Hmmm, someone’s either been taking WAY too much LSD while playing Scorched (private starbases?? Or is that a mod thing) or are


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