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    Uncompressed audio files may be suitable for modern PCs. But I remind you … there are still areas in this world where the maximum download speed is 64 kbps.

    – small download size
    – fast access

    can be combined. By saving compressed audio, and decompressing it once before usage. Only once.


    Laptops Daddy

    yes. that is a good point. and i do recognise that we’re an international community. i also know we don’t all have the same access to modern hardware.

    i have to say (and this isn’t targeted at thrax), most oversized mods i’ve seen are oversized because the creators lack the technical skill/knowledge to keep it optimised, regardless of formats used.

    maybe that’s not a reason to exclude lossy audio as a solution – modding is for the masses, i guess that’s the point. but i wonder if it might just add to the problem. maybe it’s better to have a strict set of guidelines for modding, and limit the options.

    (sorry. i was leaving you to it. : )

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