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    Come one, come all, to the v41 map competition kick-off.
    With v41 just around the corner and holidays approaching, we decided
    to kick off v41 with a competition, a map competition.
    Scorched has had the same maps since Gavin added those of Cybro.
    Now with v41 on the way and some generated maps in the mix,
    things are a bit more lively. But we can’t settle for lively, now can we?

    What we need is funky. We have funky bombs, why not funky maps.
    But how would we get these maps? We compete for them.
    We take the modders, modelers, players, developers, sound makers,
    pie bakers (I made a apple pie this weekend)… and we all can make maps.
    Maps can be anything; a picture, a sheet of metal(they work great),
    a hand, a foot, the side of your neighbors face.. or you could even
    make it from scratch. It all works great. What if you want to make
    your country? We have a section for that. What if you wished to make
    the ultimate arena? The perfect place for killing your friends? We have
    a section for that too.

    This map competition is more than just its name, more than just a
    kick-off, its fun! Never made a map before? Now is the chance to
    learn. Scorched is a great place to start. Xml is great system to work
    with. Also, with all the old time modders(the people who have been
    here from day one), there is no lack of teachers. So come and learn,
    and you might just come and win.

    Down to the fun stuff.
    We have five classes available, five venues to compete in. You may
    enter with any and all in mind, but no map can be in two classes.

    We have:
    Eye-candy, Arena, Mission/Objective, Realism, and Other.

    Eye-candy are the maps with detail, maps with everything custom.
    Works seen in mods such as ScorchWars or D-day are an example.
    These maps generally take a large amount of CPU and GPU power, so
    please keep it reasonable; we are not all on PCs more expensive than

    Arena maps are not about how low of fps you can get, they are about
    killing people. They are the fun-to-play maps. Some examples are the
    arena maps in Jdogs mod. Also, the hurricane map given to me by cbx is
    a good example. An arena map is generally symmetrical, but that is not
    a rule. At times they contain placements, but too many will get it into the
    Eye-candy section.

    The Mission/Objective section is a greatly interesting one; and with the
    new bot code, the possibilities are great. As the name states, maps for
    this section have a purpose. For example, Operation-Scorched is an entire
    mod that is mission based. But sadly, entire mods are not going to be
    accepted for this competition; so if you are going to enter this section,
    keep that in mind. Also, for this section(and eye-candy), placements and
    custom accessories will be allowed if they are reasonable. This is a map
    competition, not a mod competition.

    Realism has many possibilities in store, this is a big wide world, with lots
    of places. For this section, we will accept maps of real places. But we
    need to be able to know if it is a real place, so send a picture of the place
    along with the map. Also, there are plenty of real places that aren’t terra
    firma. So remember that anyone can make a map of Italy, not everyone
    can map there home town.

    Other is for all of the maps that we can’t place, the ones that are not of
    any real place, are not all that eye-candy like, lacking the feel of a arena,
    or simply is a general map.

    The rules are simple:

    -Maps should try to keep under 10MB compressed. We need people to be
    able to download these maps. It won’t do to have five hundred megabytes
    of the best looking maps, no one will play them.

    -No map can be over 800×800, or a combined dimension of 1600x. Your
    maps could be 1024×576 or 320×1280, but they can’t reach to the ends of
    the earth… no one likes maps like that.

    -Icons must be small, and must be of the map. We all need to know what
    we are looking at. There will be lots of maps, we can’t have people getting

    -You must include all required code snippets. We won’t take any partial
    jobs. You need to package it so we can easily assemble them. There will
    be a large amount of maps, we won’t do all your work for you. An
    example of the packing form is available Here: http or Here: ftp[/url:31oh84n6].

    -We are not trying to melt motherboards here, so keep your maps
    reasonable. If you are not sure, find a friend with a bad computer. If
    your map is too intensive, it will be disqualified. Leave motherboard-
    melting to the games that try for it; Scorched is for the many, not the few.

    -As I have stated before; this is for maps, not for mods.
    No new weapons, no new player tanks.
    If you are making an objective/mission map, use existing models for tank
    classes. Sounds/Effects/Explosion-textures for the map, models for
    Placements/Boids/Effects.. OK. But new weapons for players will not be
    allowed. So consider carefully what you add, or you may be disqualified.

    -It should be obvious, but I will confirm. This competition is a kick-off
    for v41, so this competition will be using v41 only..

    The entry period will last one month from the official release of V41, you
    will have one month to learn/make/think/find/dispose-of/submit your map.
    With a month to create and submit your map, a five minute job will not
    stand up to much. You have been given time, you will be expected to use
    it fully.

    Once you have submitted your map and the month is over, all of the
    maps will be placed into a Gallery-mod and Hosted for everyone to see.
    This display period will last three weeks, and the voting will commence.
    You will be placed at the mercy of the polls. For each section, there will be
    a poll, and each section a winner.
    The voting time will last two weeks minimum, we will then have our

    Prizes are still being decided, besides cheesy gag titles to be handed
    out to some of the people just for a laugh.



    Your post was almost too long that it lost my attention…. yet long enough to get it. Nicely done. 😉

    Question: If someone is obviously just improving on an old map, does that still count (*cough* been thinking about improving Alcatraz anyway *cough*) 😛

    I’ve been wanting to make a new map or two anyway, good inspiration.

    In other words: PLACEHOLDER.


    Edit #1
    I finally really got the bug, and also got an inspiration yesterday. 😉
    Initial screenie:

    Getting there….
    Second screenie:



    @cbx550f wrote:

    Your post was almost too long that it lost my
    attention…. yet long enough to get it. Nicely done. 😉

    Question: If someone is obviously just improving on an old map, does
    that still count (*cough* been thinking about improving Alcatraz anyway
    *cough*) 😛

    I’ve been wanting to make a new map or two anyway, good inspiration.

    In other words: PLACEHOLDER.


    3 answers then.. 😀

    Thanks for feedback on the wording.. it was mostly The-Ai’s script, i
    just formatted and cleaned it.

    Yes, if you want to re-do your own existing maps and submit, that’s
    still a valid entry. (there’s still lotsa newbs that havent seen it)

    and 3rd.. the post was actually meant for Gavin… he was going to look
    it over, and Move it to the News section if it was Ok’d. this was just the
    easiest way for me to send the text / links / screenies.. and format it.



    I think the next time I get some days off, I’m gonna try to make a lego map. With maybe some lego trees and houses.

    However, I may need help on how to place objects since I’ve never made a map.



    Hmmmm, no category for custom avatar maps, but thats ok. I think I can find a suitable topic or two. Its going to be difficult though choosing the best topic considering we aren’t permitted to enter the same map in more that one category.

    If a map is submitted in a category where it doesn’t excell, but would have been a posible winner in another then what happens? Can the judging panel resubmit an entry?

    In any event … Count me in. 8)




    I will try this should be a fun learning experience.



    To answer a question I’ve had.

    Yes, this is fully backed by me, so winners can and will make it into the levels shipped with the game (context/copyright etc permitting).

    Praise to AI and Thrax for the idea and organizing the event though.



    @gcamp wrote:

    To answer a question I’ve had.

    Yes, this is fully backed by me, so winners can and will make it into the levels shipped with the game (context/copyright etc permitting).

    Praise to AI and Thrax for the idea and organizing the event though.

    *Praises AI & Thrax* awsome idea guys!


    Laptops Daddy

    context permitting. : ) something i tend to struggle with.

    ok. here’s a quick one to start things off:

    nothing special. I call it “Hedron” see here: edit: link removed for screenshots and download (2.7MB)

    (music is open source, lightning sounds aren’t. everything else is original. website code is copyright – ask me if you want to use it).

    10MB compressed is HUGE for a single level.

    I have some tips in case they’re useful…

    Don’t bother using png files for textures. A bmp will usually compress to a smaller size. If every byte counts, limit the number of colours in the bmp texture. (Nothing to stop a 24bit bitmap having only 300 colours).

    Ground maps are an excellent way to add detail. (Blood stains, algae, graffiti). A 1024×1024 map will cover a 256×256 level in one go.

    Use screenshots of the textured level to enhance the models. A model with a texture blended with colour picked up from the rendered landscape:


    we need clear rules. a month passes very quickly. i’d hate to see a 3.5 entry washout.

    fixed size categories? please?


    KTM Rider

    Good tips, Laptop. I think AI’s idea about the 10mb limit is on more of a practical note, less about what that translates into the actual map.

    Now, I know for a fact that AI used “melting motherboards” as a somewhat comical term. Not seriously. We just don’t want a map that’ll drop our fps by 30 (most likely because they weren’t careful with their textures/whatever).

    I’d say that the map could have an effect on the strain of the cpu/gpu, though. If you have a big map with LOTS of stuff, I can’t see how it couldn’t drop fps (even just 0.0001).

    Why put limits on the map size/dimensions? With the choice being the maker’s (within limits), that would allow more creative maps. I’m imagining a spaghetti farm map…..

    I do agree that the main announcement could be spiffied up a bit. But I’m just a stickler for supreme organization. And that the time limit could be a wee bit longer….


    Laptops Daddy

    I can’t see an oversized map making it into the main game. Isn’t it likely to crash it? (plus all the potential problems with weapons not reaching, buffers, increased polygon count). Don’t the main (official) maps need to comply with game minimum hardware requirements? Remember that a 512×512 map is 4 times the size of a 256×256 one (not double).

    Melted mo… I’m not even gonna go there. I know, I got it : ) fps. Point is that with weapons excluded, there isn’t really anything to slow it down. (Other than level size as u say)…

    Obviously I’m not the expert here, but suppose you’re zoomed in to the point where model polygon counts are significant (i.e. LOD thing is at max or whatever). At that point, most of the landscape and water is hidden/off screen, which frees up more GPU/CPU than you’ve lost. See?

    I also doubt texture sizes are particularly relevant. Any v41 capable g card is gonna have 64MB minimum.



    The limits suggested are very open.
    Both Speeds and Sizes depend on your extras.
    If you have Sounds, then the size can grow fast.
    Have many moving models? Speed will be effected.

    whether you choose bmp, jpg, png.. wav, or OGG..
    It all depends on you, and whether that map will play as smoothly for others.

    If you want a speed example?
    I’m running a mid-level system, pent4/2.6ghz, and ati-radeon 9200/128mb
    I use All settings full detail. Except for the GL-extentions off. (blue-screen issues).
    When I play Gavins default maps, I average 25-35 fps depending on the contents.
    When I play Swars’ Epic-size maps, I get 56fps on barren Tattoine,
    23fps on the claustrophobic Asteroids, and 16fps in the Death-Star
    The major differences aren’t size or textures, it’s the boids and


    Laptops Daddy

    don’t know if it’s helpful, but ogg files don’t seem to work for sounds. (only for music). haven’t tested in final version.

    thrax, i take the point with the boids. but mid-level? what decade you in? : )

    i have a 2800+, 9200se 256MB in a corner that was low-end when i bought it (about 4 obsolete computers ago). it’ll maybe do 20fps in 40.1d.
    (it’s only small : )


    The AI

    Just a small thought, this competition will draw out all knowledge of map making in 41 (or so I hope). So would the competitors like to help assemble a map making tutorial after the competition? it would form a great culmination of skill.


    Laptops Daddy

    I’d be up for that. Maybe if an admin could start a new thread.

    I can see us having some conflicting ideas on the best methods, be nice to have a space to argue the points.

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