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    Crispy Critter

    System: CentOS 4.1 (repackaged RHEL 4.1)

    OpenAL: CVS checkout done about ten minutes ago

    ../sound/Sound.cpp: In member function `bool Sound::init(int)':
    ../sound/Sound.cpp:92: error: invalid conversion from `const ALubyte*' to const ALchar*'
    ../sound/Sound.cpp:92: error: initializing argument 1 of `ALCdevice* alcOpenDevice(const ALchar*)'

    FIX: Change the ALubyte to ALchar on line 92 of Sound.cpp

    Don’t you just love moving-target APIs? 🙄

    I had to lower the sound channels to 8 to keep the sound from breaking up; this on an Athlon XP 2600+ using an old Creative Ensoniq AudioPCI card.

    I’m still getting occasional crash-on-exit behavior when I quit a game, just as I got on 38.1. No big deal. It looks good so far, just playing target practice… “Mooooooo!” 🙂


    Crispy Critter

    So far, the crash-on-exit doesn’t happen as frequently as it did in 38.1, FWIW.



    Yeah thats nasty the version of openal I have is this

    ALCAPI ALCdevice * ALCAPIENTRY alcOpenDevice( const ALubyte *tokstr );

    Using alubyte on aluchar.



    came across the ALubyte error when I compiled without the –with-mysql switch. the error I got using the switch was something to do with statsloggerMYSQL.cpp

    as I posed in my other thread…

    c++ forbids the use of ‘possibleChars’ with no type

    I checked out the line in that file that contained ‘possibleChars’ and I have tried several “working with no knowledge” fixes and nothing seemed to help.



    I made the change to sound.cpp and now scorched is throwing me a new error

    c++ forbids declaration of ‘”type name” with no type

    interesting…. second time I have seen this sort of error.



    Thank you, Crispy!

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