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    Any idea when it will be available for download? Im not having any luck building it.



    Try here:-

    Make sure you have X11 running before starting.
    I have not had the chance to test yet, let me know how you get on.



    Version 38 (bb) for OSX works great. I played a few rounds on the Scorched3d server and the Shockwave 1.1 mod – works fine. Thanks for porting it to OSX.



    No worries 🙂
    Its a little bit harder than the other ports as I don’t have access to mac os x machine, so I have to use console access provided by sourceforge.



    Your work is appreciated – Scorched 3D is the most often played free game I own. I’ll definitely be making a contribution thru PayPal – maybe eventually you’ll be able to get your own OSX machine.

    I do have one suggestion for the OSX version – how about including some basic instructions on how to install the game with Terminial or X11. Most OSX users wouldn’t know what to do with a command line if they saw one. I’ve posted a forum message on noting version 38 release along with there simple installation instructions (paraphrased from Wallyfoo’s instructions to me):

    download the file and place it in your Documents folder

    at the command line (Terminal or X11) type:

    cd /documents

    tar xzf scorched3d-38-macosx.tar.gz

    If you have an old version of Scorched3d already installed, then rename it by typing:

    sudo mv /usr/local/games/scorched3d-bin /usr/local/games/scorched3d-bin.old

    To move the file you downloaded and unpacked into the proper directory, type:

    sudo mv scorched3d-bin /usr/local/games/

    To launch the game, from X11 type:

    cd /usr/local/games/scorched3d-bin




    Sheesh!… can not get this one to run….

    When I try to move the file I get the following:

    sudo mv scorched3d-bin/usr/local/games/

    usage: mv [-f | -i | -n] [-v] source target
    mv [-f | -i | -n] [-v] source … directory

    did this move the file to the right place? I then type the next two steps and it says: ./scorched3d: No such file or directory

    Any ideas?



    You typed the mv line in wrong – there’s supposed to be a single space between bin and /usr

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