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    1. Amazing.
    2. Beautiful.
    3. Better than I expected.
    4. Great job.


    1. Console text repeats your text :
        7 : Say ‘Console text repeats what you type as ‘Say:’ & output’
        hobbesme : Console text repeats what you type as ‘Say:’ & output

      Eliminate the repetition? Either place a number besides the text as it is output with your username OR don’t even show the ‘Say:’ text.

      A player that wants to repeat something they texted can just use the up/down arrow keys to select their previous text.

    2. Console breaks up long text lines into multiple ‘Say:’ lines :
        15 : Say ‘This was a very long line that was broken up onto’

        16 : Say ‘two different Say lines’

    3. Shot camera does NOT follow rollers underwater as for V37.x.

      Can underwater roller camera behavior be reverted back to V37.x style? This is helpful to follow the path of rollers & see how you need to correct your aim for underwater rolling rollers.


    1. Retreat feature likely for V38.2 or later?
    2. V37.x had an additional Windows shortcut icon available — a picture of a mostly-blue island.
      Can you re-add this shortcut icon to the Windows build?


    I think the game has come a long ways and is very fun to play, seems a little slower to load now then before thru

    Has anyone else see this…….see picture

    Both buttons seem to do the same thing and take you to the same games types????



    jdog, mine doesn’t look like that. I think what you did was put a duplicate singlegames.xml file in the globalmods folder.

    BTW, Hobbes, nice to see you are giving the new version a chance? Which one do you like better? 37 or 38?


    A Moogle

    Actually, the Raptor Mod has a singlegames file in it – so one should lead to ‘normal’ S3D, the other should lead to Raptor Mod. I had that too for a while, until I removed the singlegames etc files from my copy of raptormod.



    I wonder why he didn’t change the text to say something like “RapterMod”.


    M. O.

    Hereis what mine looks like 🙂



    @deathstryker wrote:

    BTW, Hobbes, nice to see you are giving the new version a chance?
    Which one do you like better? 37 or 38?

    I was always willing to give V38 a chance …

    • I was just paranoid about installing new software onto my development PC …
    • and I was/am still very busy working on TCP/IP, …
    • but after three months, I was desperate to try out the new version.

    Since all my knowledge of the new version was through reading the forums & seeing a few screen shots, I was scared that the new version might have been too radically different from V37 & might have been worse off for it.

    But after playing for just a little over an hour tonight, I think V38 is much better than V37 — snow, rain, new dazzling details, etc. — with only a few exceptions — shot camera functionality slightly degraded, MIRV apex requirement, shield strength, etc.

    Also surprisingly, I did encounter a bug that I had not encountered in V37 in a LONG time — the server/client timer synchronization bug.

    On one move, my shot clock timer showed EIGHTEEN seconds remaining for me to make my shot, when all of sudden my client reported that I “failed to make a move” & everyone’s shots were fired!

    EIGHTEEN second discrepancy between my client’s shot timer & the server’s! Wow!

    But overall, V38 is great! I’m glad to finally have installed & start playing again — especially right before a stat reset! 🙂

    See you on the Scorching Grounds.



    I’ve just found an issue as well. Why do people earn money from a Mass Tank Kill? Keep in mind this is before any of them make a shot. If none of them have made a shot yet, I don’t see where they’ve earned that money.



    @deathstryker wrote:

    jdog, mine doesn’t look like that.

    Nope, mine neither….

    …time for a new computer jdog 😉



    Good to hear you’re back, Hobbes. I don’t play a whole bunch these days, but on occassion. 😉

    Hope to get killed by you soon!




    As already mentioned in this thread: “Action camera” does not reliably show impact area, it sometimes stays at the launch place although there is an impact or even a hit. Before version 38.1b, camera with shortcut “9” always moved reliably to the impact place when the projectile reachet the highest point of its ballistic curve.


    Apollo Tangent

    for you hobbesme



    @Apollo Tangent wrote:

    for you hobbesme

    Awwwww …. 😳

    How sweet ❗

    Thanks, AT-AT!



    How, very nice. I’m gonna use one of those too, i’m a hobbes fan 🙂

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