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    Guardian Angel

    Today guy Yusuf decided to pretend to be me. He changed his name to ‘Sacred pizza’, later to ‘Meganoob’ which both are known for many people as mine.
    I was in game but not with my regular alias cause played from another computer. Told him to change name but he didnt followed.
    Really dont care if someone does, sure nickname is not something that a trademark sign can be put on, but he did that purposely, not by mistake or coincidence.
    Also he started telling ppl that he is using another account, and trying to talk the way similar to what i do that he knows by playing much with me, and some ppl who dont really know me much really started believing he was me.
    I have a reputation in game connected with my most known nicknames and sure i dont like all that.
    I know ppl were even banned for such actions before, I hope some official warning will be given to him.
    Now it is several hours already and he just left game.



    I’ve mentioned it before. I think there should be an option to register names. Just an option……


    Guardian Angel

    Don’t think this can be solution…
    As in my case, i use not only countless word combination with pizza, but also several more that are known.
    Imagine you have Deathbal registered, and someone just uses ‘DB’ or ‘Deathbol’ or another way – the point is for sure ppl who know you well wont be deceived in any case but it is always matter of people that dont really know you enough and by such actions they can get some ‘impression’ which later will be transferred upon real you…



    GA, thx for bringing this up.
    (I wonder why jock doesn’t reply……)
    It will be handle be the admins.
    Weird but I have play with that Yusuf and he was always cool and nice. Never did any trable…
    (for the admins: warn him about what he did and what could be done if he won’t cut it out).



    Pizza please list all aliases you want to protect against misuse.


    Guardian Angel

    I am not for protecting any names. In many respects I agree with Jock’s point. Come and use pizza or anything for free, just don’t pretend some other peculiar person, on the move inventing and saying aloud “explanations” why different rank, no avatar, bad playing etc etc, when there are people who dont know real person enough so can really believe in all that. And later real person who you pretended to be will have – at best – misunderstandings caused by such behavior.

    Jokes and clownery are not a crime but there should be a limit.

    As you cannot invent 100% precise formula to measure playing skill, you cant give a formula or certain definition to say when it is joke and when it oversteps the limits. Though in both cases you can have understanding given by your feelings.

    Unfortunately many people don’t have or ignore that feeling. They are either kids or criminal by nature, it doesnt matter (though I hope this one was first), because in both cases thing what stops them is authority. That is why post here.

    TY for understanding and taken measures Apache.



    I don’t care if someone uses “Deathball” or “Deathbol” or “Deathbowl” for that matter. But I don’t see why we can’t have an option to register names. If there are people that don’t care if others use their name, then don’t register your name. But let that be the decision of the individual.



    Why do some folks have to have so many names?…..Had two except for one night we we all had mexican wrestler names a while back…..LOL….previous version I think.

    Just me and My Monkey…… 😆


    Metal Slug Mario

    lol true tis not that big of a hassle unless there doing it constantly if you leave and there still using your name after a while then its a problem but otherwise its usually just for fun..(i cant call how many times people psydo copy my old names *ie mecha luigi…some other crap too but ive forgotten ;)*
    besides if there registered to forum you can click there rank and see what names (and strangely avatars) there using and how many times they’ve used them

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