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    Urinieren-wettbewerb! is a place where we can release our testostorone driven tendencies so this kind of behaviour can be reduced in the regular forums and easily ignored by the rest of us.

    Altough i wont set any rules it is wise to keep it civilised it wouldnt be much fun if this will turn out to be a shouting match, what i had in mind would be more like insult armwrestling.
    And dont forget about the political side-dont say things that can not be corrected, but more important dont take this too serious.



    Oh yeah-mine is bigger than yours.


    Laptops Daddy

    im ignoring it so hard i almost didnt comment or post a picture of my ‘significantly bigger than yours’ insult pythons

    (^ ja, late night scorching etc. good for building muscle mass)

    maybe we need a seperate forum section, ‘specially for contests



    Since the “Italian trucers” thread turned to shit and got locked i do want to give anyone the chance to honour my request and abuse me.

    This is probably the place to do the best abusing you have got inside you.

    Turn your anger into words and impress me, thats what its all about.



    First, set your camera on ‘sport’ or ‘action’ if it’s a simple one, or “burst”, a setting that takes a series of photographs in a burst while the subject – this case, your pet – is in motion. Take a lot of photographs in one session and with the same background and you’ll be sure to end up with at least a few great shots.

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