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    Adam, our friendly local website designer (known to us affectionately as Laptops Daddy, has been working hard on transforming the current website into something pretty special. With his blessing I think its now at a state where people can see the fruits of his labour and to start to give feedback. Even although parts are still under construction you can see the polish and design shining though. Adam, a big thank you from me.

    The new site starts here:

    Adam (after I twisted his arm) had this to say:

    Scorched3D’s New Website

    I’m very happy to have seen this through – it’s been a long time coming.

    Any project tied to a community can be slow moving, and this was no exception – with over a year’s development. Luckily, we were years ahead when we started, so we’re still winning.

    We now have a Flash-based banner application, for keeping track of your friends and game events, and a custom high-definition video player, for showing the world just how much one ‘man can achieve with an independent title like this.

    We’ll be switching each page to the new design, starting today. This may take some time, so do expect a mixture of styles for a while. A matching forum theme will follow.

    I’d like to think we’ve broken the mould.

    A 3D, contemporary, polished website, with a shade of old-school classic.

    I hope you’ll find the new site does the game justice.

    Thanks to all who’ve contributed or left feedback. And thanks again to Gavin for keeping this great game and community free and open.



    Sweet ! =D>



    Awesome & Thank You LD 😀



    Looks great. well done LD 😛



    TY LD!!



    You’re all very welcome. I was starting to think we’d never get there.

    I just switched the index:

    Hopefully we’ve maintained some handcrafted indie appeal.

    A few names worth mentioning, while I have a pedestal to stand on, and for the people who’ve really made this game great over the years…

    Many thanks to Bobirov and cbx550f, who were the two people who really got me hooked on the inner workings of Scorched3D. Shockwave, BrainDamage, jdog (though we’ve never chatted), Panther30 and Thrax. Thanks to Deathstryker, BigBear, apache64d and all the other mods and admins – I’ll have missed many… Boy, Rommel, Armorwraith and the countless others whose dedication and time donated deserve recognition. It’s a pleasure to give something back.

    I’m expecting a few bugs. Please report anything amiss to this user account. I’ll switch the other pages shortly.



    Looks great lappy. =D>
    wonderful job




    That’s really great…..i am new to this forum and glad to be a part of this. i hope that i can learn more and share my ideas and thoughts as well.

    Video Conferencing UK



    @victoria wrote:

    That’s really great…..i am new to this forum and glad to be a part of this. i hope that i can learn more and share my ideas and thoughts as well.

    Video Conferencing UK

    AAAAhahahahahaha, brilliant.

    They’re a Microsoft GOLD certified partner and showing some kind of assosication with a fair few of the other technology big hitters, yet their XHTML fails to validate (albeit on only 1 error).



    *In case the spam gets deleted, he doesn’t mean me. “Microsoft certified” (how dare you)

    A note to all:

    I’m switching the new BB template to default. You may run into login problems until I’ve ported the captcha.

    Apologies in advance. It won’t take long.



    oOOooo, phpBB3, now what was the feature in 3 that wasn’t in 2 which I wanted a couple of years back…..



    S3D’s been using BB3 for as long as I can remember. These forums will look quite different to most – it’s rare that people go to the lengths of customising the template structure like that. (I can see why, in retrospect).

    For anyone who thinks they preferred the old styles, you can switch back from:
    User Control Panel > Board preferences > My board style

    Again, PM to this user account with any urgent probs – it’s linked to an email address I check regularly.



    Just a note, in the Online Servers section of the redesigned site,
    comes up with a box area and slider for the server list,
    is it possible to change the color of the section that lists the number
    of players waiting?


    (0 plrs)

    To something more visually striking like

    (1 plrs)

    I think it would make it all the more easy to see that even if a server is
    tagged with the yellow warning dot that there’s some bloke just waiting
    for players to join.



    I must agree with all above LD, new design looks great!

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