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    This topic may have been brought up in the past – if so I dont know about it – but I thought about the idea after reading about the mokelok senerio..

    What if players could in sense – for the “official scorched servers” could have their names unique to themselves?

    The pro’s and con’s are fairly black n white – on one hand when a player enters – we know for fact it is them. On the other hand if its a very common name (like I am known as Willis – or the player known as Dave) that could discriminate against others who would like to use that name.

    But to keep things progressing heres what I was thinking on defining what can be done for registering a unique name:


    1.) Player must have enough game time in for 250 kills.
    2.) Player must wait (playing or not) for 1 week.

    This makes a player elligable to register – and name used during those two steps is irrelevent – lets say I register as Willis, here are the conditions that apply with being registered.


    1.) Player can only be registered to one name at a time.
    2.) Player CAN change the name s/he is registered under, but must first wait 48 hours over the currently registered name.
    3.) Player must uphold themselves in the moral laws of scorched gameplay.
    Note: Penalty amounts to loss of registered name and loss of future registering privledge to ANY name. If not worse.
    4.) Lack there of gameplay by registered user for over 2 weeks forfits current rights to registered name.
    5.) Rights to registered name hold a maximum of 2 Months before re-registering can occure.
    6.) Player must wait 24 hours between re-registering(s) regardless of desired name.
    Note: Players who switch from one registered name to another (see #2), still are applied to the same 2 month period origionaly set for first registered name.
    7.) Players may still change names din gameplay as usual, provided name is not anothers registered name.

    These were all the points I could think of at the time, if you think I neglected a condtion please comment.

    I tried to keep the basic idea having a name specially for a player – while yet giving multiple conditions where another person can take “ownership” to a name. So things are far from set in stone.

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