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    I was playing a game in Main and the game crashed on me. [Graphics settings was set to max settings on all Texture size, Tank Detail and Effects detail with x1 AA. Music off.]
    When i tried getting back in, the server wouldnt allow me in as it was showing that I was still in the game. Error mesage was something about duplicate ID or something like that. As I am typing this, its been 15 mins, and the server still shows I am in the game…


    Laptops Daddy

    i thought you had admin privs. go and kick yourself : )



    ahhhh, so you thought…but no Lappy, I don’t. 🙂

    anyways, after 22mins, all was ok…I was finally kicked out proper by the server…but just as I was about to play a game with Tlon, you came in, and I got that partial kick again, one foot still in the server…

    for info: my ‘ping’ was quite high…400++



    This is exceptionally decent and good post…..You shook posting it…..Thanks a ton for posting it…..!!!

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