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    Where did that came from,do they ask for our (the modders permision to do it?

    im just im afraid this start a chain reaction of people making crossed mods



    Doesn’t bother me at all. You can check the license that comes with Apoc and it pretty much states you can do whatever you want with it, as long as you do so under the same license that Apoc is released under, and that you give the original authors credit. So, since Apocalypse comes with the game, you can use Scorched or Apoc content in a mod without having to significantly increase the size of your own mod.

    This is only for Apocalypse though, I don’t know how you other modders feel about having your content used in other peoples mods.



    what mods are in that?



    UltraApoc is exactly the same as Apoc,just the changed name
    Try making another folder for MODS and called it ultraapoc.



    are there any settings that are different than the regular apoc servers in regards to money wins and server settings? If its exaclty the same, I dont see the point of bothering to make a new name, it will just confuse people. If there are changes to settings I can see it being useful.



    I had a look at the mod. I contains ALL the weapons from Apoc, Raptormod and Shockmod. Thats why he made a new mod folder.. 😛

    You guys do know you can source the Apoc content without having to actually include any of the media files in your mod by pointing to “../globalmods/apoc/data/whatever” whenever you want to use an apoc model, sound or landscape right? So like, if you wanted to include the Apoc city layouts in your mod without having to include all the models, you can. I suspect you might see some of this going on in v39 with all the city improvements I have made (new textures, ambient sounds, buildings that affect gameplay, etc).. 😛

    Again, just to reitterate, all the Apoc content is free to be used in anyone’s mod if they so choose, just so long as you make mention of the fact that the content comes from the Apocalypse mod and is not your own work. Consider Apocalypse to be an add-on pack of content that can be used just like you would use any of the original Scorched 3D content.

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