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    We are facing many crisis’ as a nation. . . .here is a big one that is sure to show its ugly head very soon.

    Reports & census data

    Employment Situation Summary ➡


    Nonfarm payroll employment fell by 240,000 in October, and the unemployment rate
    rose from 6.1 to 6.5 percent, the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department
    of Labor reported today. October’s drop in payroll employment followed declines of
    127,000 in August and 284,000 in September, as revised. Employment has fallen by
    1.2 million in the first 10 months of 2008; over half of the decrease has occurred
    in the past 3 months. In October, job losses continued in manufacturing, construc-
    tion, and several service-providing industries. Health care and mining continued
    to add jobs.

    Unemployment (Household Survey Data)

    The unemployment rate rose by 0.4 percentage point to 6.5 percent in October,
    and the number of unemployed persons increased by 603,000 to 10.1 million. Over the past 12 months, the number of unemployed persons has increased by 2.8 mil-lion, and the unemployment rate has risen by 1.7 percentage points.

    .”All but 8 U.S. States have a population under 10mil.(added for comparison ratio)”.
    U.S. State Population numbers ➡
    ************I am adding a (proposed) basic needs chart-See Below***********
    If we did the Math….. You would see that no corporate bailout can fix the upcoming
    human crisis…..& the unemployment numbers grow daily–All together now…..Can we say “Ghettos” & Mass Hunger?
    **Edited/additional computation**
    *(Proposed/still impoverished at this level of income)*A 4 person family size @ $30,000 per year=2,500,000 families (10mil Div. x 4)…… multiplied by 30k=$75,000,000,000.00 U.S. Dollars annually

    There are more families/domiciles that have less than 4 persons……therefore, the figures I have provided are far lower than what reality may dictate;)



    Hi Viking:

    These numbers seem pretty reliable at first glance. They also appear to show that the real poverty level is much higher than the official numbers. Perhaps this discrepancy is due to the way the official numbers are utilized.

    If the official poverty level were to be raised to $ 40 K on Jan. 1st then the minimum wage would be below the poverty level. Minimum wage would need to be raised to $ 20 per hour. Social Security would be too low too.

    By keeping the official poverty level low, we have saved millions of dollars in Social Security payments while someones grandparents ate cat food caseroles in a slum. No, they weren’t deadbeats, they worked hard all their life and tried to do the right thing. They just didn’t have a retirement plan other than Social Security. It was supposed to be enough. That’s what they were told.

    May health and happiness be your constant compainions,




    Thanks for your insight Rommel,

    While doing some web surfing I found a few posts to ponder over. Quite a lot of reporting agencies are throwing out some interesting views of what may transpire in our future here in the U.S. .
    —Obama promises more jobs through government mandates(Green power,etc.)—

    I borrowed from ➡

    The United States is in uncharted territory. Comparisons between Obama’s proposals and Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal are common. In a broad sense, the use of federal programs to stimulate the economy and the impulse toward tightened regulatory control over sectors of the economy describe both Obama’s and Roosevelt’s platforms. However, the New Deal was received by a workforce trained in farming, construction and factory work. Obama’s plan would have to gain traction among legions of office workers, computer programmers and various other specialists. Going from an ergonomic chair in a climate-controlled office to operate a jackhammer in the heat of the day might be a pill too hard to swallow for many Americans. In a more likely scenario, an influx of foreign laborers would fill the jobs created by Obama’s stimulus program. This is not to say that infrastructure spending would be ineffectual — the United States could certa inly undergo a shift that changes its economic structure under the Obama administration — but the gap between the post-dot-com service economy and Obama’s envisioned “green labor” economy could prove challenging to bridge.

    This terrain will be traversed over time, however. Obama so far, has presented the United States with only a broad policy initiative, based on a set of principles. He has left himself a great deal of room to maneuver as the recession and financial crisis unfold. Now is a critical time for the development of these policies, and we will have to monitor the development of Obama’s team and its process carefully.

    Everyone seems to be in agreement these days that green jobs are part of the key to solving the current financial crisis. Barack Obama outlined his ideas for how to accomplish this in yesterday’s speech. Here are some excerpts:

    * “We’ll create 5 million new, high-wage jobs by investing in the renewable sources of energy that will eliminate the oil we currently import from the Middle East in 10 years, and we’ll create 2 million jobs by rebuilding our crumbling roads, schools, and bridges.”
    * “It is time to protect the jobs we have and to create the jobs of tomorrow by unlocking the drive, and ingenuity, and innovation of the American people. And we should fast-track the loan guarantees we passed for our auto industry and provide more as needed so that they can build the energy-efficient cars America needs to end our dependence on foreign oil.”
    * “I won’t pretend this will be easy or come without cost. We’ll have to set priorities as never before, and stick to them. That means pursuing investments in areas such as energy, education, and healthcare that bear directly on our economic future, while deferring other things we can afford to do without.”


    Posted on Saturday, November 22, 2008 6:32:51 AM by tobyhill

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President-elect Barack Obama says his plans to rebuild infrastructure, modernize schools and develop alternate energy are long-term investments in the economy, not quick fixes.

    Obama is using the weekly Democratic radio address to outline a plan which he says is more than just a way to pull the country out of its immediate crisis.

    He envisions 2.5 million new jobs and more efficient cars.

    My take on things

    My take:
    The U.S.A. needs “New” money…..cough…. Foreign trade (Other nations buying American goods/services)-Our national debt is to other nations-If we just pass $$ back-n-forth within our borders, it accomplishes nothing!!

    When we keep on buying goods from other countries (Via WalMart,etc.)….our $$ is’nt coming back to us/We make other countries richer-we become poorer as a nation.

    Foreign oil: Labor to produce the oil in other countries is cheaper(like most everything else)-We cut ties/produce all of our own oil=Higher labor cost to produces=prices go up on fuel/petrol.

    Jobs: We have 10mil & rising, unemployed Americans…….Put 2.5 to 5mil back to work=We still have 5 mil + out of work 🙁 (Some are professionals with degrees).
    A blue collar work force is what we will have to go back to…….The government knows that fact. It is being proven right now;we have too many white collared people. “This is why our borders remain open”/immigrants are not picky about jobs/working conditions—>Our nations people have become spoiled. The times of being picky about a job are about to end. Notice all the nicely dressed people living in their vehicles on TV.

    Credit cards: Another crisis is forthcoming-A credit card(s) have a delayed effect on the economy & banks. We shall see the effects of peoples overspending soon(Envision a percentage of the recent unemployed (10Mil) Maxxing their credit cards for food,fuel,holidays,etc.). The Big Lady will be singing very soon 😉
    __Feel free to join my rant__ 😛

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