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    I am trying to play this game: but it is only for PocketPC.
    So, I stumbled upon this:
    MS says that this emulator has support for ActiveSync connection.

    Anyways, I have gone to ActiveSync Config and enabled COM1 connections. (The only type of connection MS D.E. allows).

    The problem is: When I try to enable COM1 for the MS D.E., it gives me this error:

    “Unable to open serial port ‘COM1’. LastError=Access is denied” And it does that for all the serial ports (0,1,2)

    Why does that error occur??? How do I get rid of it?
    From what I can see, nothing is using the serial port on the back of the PC, so it cannot be conflict…
    The reason I need that is because the installer for the game is for windows and it installs the files to the PPC, once ActiveSync detects it…



    OK, I have found out this: Whenever ActiveSync is set up to use COM1/3 (the only ones installed), the emulator fails to connect to the corresponding COM#
    and if the emulator is connected to COM1/3, then AvtiveSync fails to connect…
    How do I fix this???

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