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    Mcb Lover

    I honestly in previous versions tried this whisper function, how much? not that much, because it was hard via console and stuff…so well. What i think of this function: it is there to be used. It is strategic, it is meant to be used and to plan an attack or to warn someone, or to just flirt with you’re wife uh?(gotcha POM and ellie)

    LOL OUTER!!!!!!!!!!!
    VG its Vitos’s Girl!
    its my girlfriend:)


    pastor of muppets

    First of all where the heck have you been you lousy Outer bastage? Forget your studies, fail out live a miserable pointless life like me and play the dadgum game!!!!!!!!

    Second of all yes I flirt with my wife on whisper and if one of you miserable bastage admins post my fliriting on here I will come to your house and spray paint whistle blower all over it

    Third of all absolutely I shot Outer first!!! Everytime this bastage is like assisted by God or something could kill you while afk. V you are experiencing same thing right now cuz you are really good.

    Did you need truce rule? No. Did one? no. Did K? no. But you got frustrated and made it so you could play. I understand and so do most. Play? That is the key word we are all here to play and that is why this is so controversial, cuz those of us outside of the “group” were dead early and waited to play.

    I voted yes on delayed defense cuz I wanted to play. I am overworked and under rested and enjoy my play time.

    When BB posted the log I was shocked and wanted to SCREAM admin abuse but..It’s not. Sadly to say he did what he had to do to attract attention to the subject. Still not so certain that I like it cuz most of us couldn’t have seen it but we needed to, to draw attention to the subject.

    The problem is we all want to play. I beg and this might not be the place to do it but I BEG bring back the 50 please bring back the 50 ppl can learn ettiquette in beginjners and eliminate whisper too. These are things we can control if we teach the noobs coming up we can teach scorched etiquette.

    My point is if we invite everyone to main everyone will come to main and do what they please and we can only tell them on forums which most noobs don’t read that we don’t like it. We could go back to the 50 and be forced to play in beginners and teach, pass on, mentor, or just plain stick it down their throats that we are a community and we will stand for no BS and show them how to act.

    Let’s not judge others until we judge the man in the mirror and ask ourselves what could we do different to avoid this. Forget KTL forget targeting by rank come in the game wanting to play and play you will. When the game becomes political the game is no longer a game but a place to get upset, angry, and just plain ticked off.

    I believe the whole reason we are getting upset is cuz we are focusing too much on rank, wins, and the like and that is why V organized his group. We want to win, it’s human nature and if we get taken advantage of we get upset. That is not bad that is human nature so they quit their truce and now they kill eachother first. Kowal has quit playing which bothers me a lot cuz I liked K a lot.

    What do I suggest? Get rid of the whisper watch for permatrucers and have some freaking fun. This is a game…this is a game…we should play and have fun. When this game becomes not fun I will quit. We have identified a weakness and I don’t know if it takes a stats reset to get rid of it but let’s get rid of the whisper.

    Life will go on one way or the other and we will continue to lose (or I will at least) let’s play have fun and modify as needed. BRING BACK THE 50!! I had to earn it and so should all. I would spend more time in beginners if there was a rule to bring up noobs.

    V you are awesome player, K come back don’t let the BS of scorched life run you off, one you didn’t need to do it though I understand why, Vihor sorry they took out the grid but it’s still fun and the others sorry I don’t konw you well enough to say. The 50 would not fix all but would improve the gameplay on main a lot. IMO!

    Laterz all!


    Mcb Lover

    it was joke about that we kill each other
    but we really will kill each other if we stay near…
    or will be pact peace in global chat.
    You good man pom.thanks you for that
    Have fun?! im in



    @Mcb Lover wrote:

    VG its Vitos’s Girl!
    its my girlfriend:)

    Sure thing, i know she is you’re sweetie 😉 I played with her once on last version.

    Life is great and i won’t fail at it miserably :). And i’ve seen the logs! Oh i’ve seen them!!!! you one nasty POM 😛 . Don’t worry that this lousy bastage is not present, i will come to kick your butt again with GOD assistance ! Now being serious…would be good to have a poll about the 50 kills on main or it was done previously? I think there was a thread about the topic so i’m gonna try and search it.



    Regarding the kill limit:
    @Brain Damage wrote:

    this argument has already discussed: here, here, here and here
    oh! let’s not forget it’s also: here, here and here

    That comment was posted here 😉



    Ty BB… i knew it was discussed before lol!
    @bigbear wrote:

    Regarding the kill limit:
    @Brain Damage wrote:

    this argument has already discussed: here, here, here and here
    oh! let’s not forget it’s also: here, here and here

    as i already said, before opening a new one, read the reasons because of the current situation




    Listen up weiners! I’m resident old fart and this is what I think.

    Scorch is an ever changing ….ALWAYS challenging game . (game is the operative word here.)

    True that whispering has been with us a while..previous version it was clunky and hard to use. Now, it allows real time coordination of what amounts to team talk on the old team server.

    This amounts to an advantage for a group to gang blast a leader or some other poor bastage into oblivion before they turn on each other.

    There has always been an element that says….”Don’t blame me, I’m just using the rules and tools of the game.” And they’re right ! If they want to use it ….they can….but they’re putting themselves in the postion of making enemies instead of the friends that Scorch is famous for.

    IMHO, Some behavior is best left on the begginers server….and teaming up on main with whispers a lot is one of them.

    OPen, public trucing has always been with us and allows other players a heads up as to whats happening in the game. Whispering truces doesn’t provide other players that information until its often too late.

    Bring back a teams server where players can CHOOSE sides would add a dynamic fun place where these guys could get their yayas out doing this stuff…..Otherwise…..

    Prepare to get Hammered…. :mrgreen:

    Oh and bTW….HWB was one the finest #1 players this game ever had….and I’ve seen a bunch. Humble, good humored and a 100% great guy. As in many games…..ranks and statistics dont express the class and values of the person.

    Have fun, play Scorch and be friends. leave the BS at the door.
    I’m done.

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