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    @apache64d wrote:

    My 2 cents:
    The problem is not trucers that “breaking the lines” or trucers in general.
    The problem is the “whisper” tool. From the moment it was added to the game it was clear that some1 or some ppl would use it for a truce or any other kind of agriment, not matter the original goal of the one who added it to the game.

    I could not disagree more. You are entirely missing the point. Such multi-truces could have as well been organised through Skype, e-mails, or PMs on this very forum. The whisper function is just the means of communication, not the cause.


    Mcb Lover

    his is advantage I speak of. Becareful, I did say you use silent truces since you brought it up. Mcb Lover wrote:
    would be better if we eeach round speak ”truce?”
    with my group my or my friends wingame it become more possible.

    Did you not say you silent truced?

    Yes..i didnt pact silent truce…I always said Peace …. ?(in global chat)

    I have advantage without any trucing(want mcb duel?any time).

    Of course I love a duel. Specifically with a great shot like you. MCB is the main server is not likely between just us. I challenge you A stone Age game.

    stone age its enother game…id tested that…enother physycs weapons…and it break my aim ”on eye”…

    As for the other sayings like kill vitos first…. that should be an honour. So saying this don’t surpised when I shout out “Kill Vitos First”. PLZ wear it like a badge.

    may be ill agree with that but if you all will kill me first why a cant create group who not kill me first….and as i said we played the RULE only if there many ppl…so we never play with ALL members of group..guess all guys saw that…and on real nobody saw that till BB dont get the PRIVET whisper his dirty hands


    Laptops Daddy

    @jock wrote:

    …you believe you have an equal opportunity…

    belittle my wrath would you?

    chemically enhanced scorchers. that’s a banning. no doubt.

    ps: well done para. yes, skype, gaim, psychic collusion. all part of the game.

    pps: anything to make the game more interesting/challenging is a good thing.



    @jock wrote:

    As for BB exposing this to the scorched community, I totally agree with. In my book if you are in the game you have the belief that you are all on an equal footing, but allas ppl are using it to there own self gain to inflate there on self importance.

    An analagy would be the 100m sprint. All 8 runners stood at the blocks you’ve worked hard for 3 or 4 seasons to get to this point, you belive you have an equal opportunity then you come last in the race as all other 7 runners are taking steroids as a group.

    Slightly unfair, don’t you think?

    What??? how can even make this kind of analogy between a tool that is in the game there for ppl can use it and copare it with illeagle drug that athlets AREN”T allowed to use it?!

    The unfortunate reality is where there is a game there will always be cheats.
    All we can do, is do all we can to try and limit this. You can start with removing the whisper. Then the little gang will have to cheat another way and let the cycle continue!

    I like this game, but ppl are really starting to spoil it!

    It is not cheat. It is a tool that is build-in in the game.. and ppl use it for truce… cheat is to add something outside of the game and that the game didn’t provide u and use it in the game to get an advantage on others.


    The Mighty Muha

    Moral of the story story is that the cat is neither dead nor alive until you have opened the box. Thanks to BB the box is open now. Let’s leave it to the lawyers to determine whether BB’s actions constitute abuse of his admin privileges (got to love being a whistleblower). We as players will draw our own consequences from these findings.

    As for the correct analogy with Real Life (TM). The world solar challenge is probably the best example. The Nuon solar team are racing with a car that is in large sponsored by the European Space Agency. This means they get high quality components that make their solar powered car superior to any other team competing in this challenge. As a result they have won the challenge 4 times in a row now. While this is not deemed cheating by those in charge of the event, it displays quite the lack of sportmanship towards the other teams, who do not have such generous, well funded, high tech, sponsors.

    FEATURE REQUEST: asynchronous encryption support for whispers!

    ADDENDUM: BB please don’t expose whispers of me and my friends plotting terrorist attacks on the scorched servers! That’s not cheating!



    @laptops Daddy wrote:

    ps: well done para. yes, skype, gaim, psychic collusion. all part of the game.

    Sorry, I can’t parse this. It would appear that the sarcasm tag is missing..?

    Seriously, though. This thread is about a group of players secretly agreeing on a permanent truce, in effect gaining an unfair advantage over other players. It is not about whispering or any other functionality available in the game. Don’t tell me that “this would have never happened if the whisper tool had not been introduced”. (Note the word “tool”.) We would probably never find out about it, but that doesn’t make it right.



    ‘Kill Vitos First’ Is a Joke you should laugh at
    not make a army.



    Katja’s strikes at the core of what I wanted to discuss really. For me this is all about the direction games on main are taking. The server is listed as ffa, but with this trend of highly increased alliance making that rings less and less true for each day that passes. That is not the path I want the game to take, which is why this debate is necessary. Personally I’d like to fight it. I realize that it might be a loosing battle though, since there are other ways than whispers to facilitate pacts. So at least do me the courtesy of adding a clan tag or something so I know when to play or call it quits. But I guess that goes against the plan of getting an even bigger advantage, so I don’t really expect any results from such a request.

    As for ppl crying admin abuse, I completely fail to see the problem with the log on display. As stated before, no personal stuff is in there. It’s all related to the hidden truce pact. Any other notion is just smokes and mirrors to avoid the issue at hand. I have no regrets about getting my (dirty was it Vitos?) hands on it. Furthermore I challenge anyone to explain to me the need for censoring whispers that concern truces and pacts only. It just does not compute with me.


    Mcb Lover

    btw guys…if i answered on all your questions and jokes i vote to close that stupid post.
    My friends now begining kill first member of our group…its our rule now…

    BB…public next post about our whispering and our rule


    mighty muha- eat more brains and stop going at internet pages, also stop copy all crappy thing that you founded in garbage…

    good luck all:)

    PS how can i forgot!!!



    @Mcb Lover wrote:

    BB…public next post about our whispering and our rule

    I am not quite sure I know what you mean. Please explain.


    Mcb Lover

    you could PM to me or any member our group and we dicided this silent…

    you really hurt Kowal…..its ALL MINE idea of that rule…so you shouda connect with moderator this group and DONT public that


    pastor of muppets

    Your welcome V anytime I can help I will.

    I understand now why BB posted the log and I seriously don’t feel he had anything against this specific group. This is a debate that needed to happen and this was a good way to draw attention to it. V this thread should not be locked because if you will take the time to read back over it the thread has moved on past you group and the rules and to the whisper truce itself.

    Main has changed very much so. I remember when I first started there was hardly anyone in main and it was exciting to see a few players in there that you could have a great game with. The game is getting very popular and there are no restrictions to get in main server so there are a lot of people playing there with different ideas on how the game should be played and what should or should not be included in game play. Sometimes it gets very frustrating when you are playing against someone with no scorched etiquette. Things like this thread will allow people to express how they feel about topics such as this.

    Had a wonderful game the other night with CBX, NOOB BANDIT, Cowbell, P30, LD, Ellie and SD. Was a fantastic game the chat was mindless, the politics were absent, the competiveness was incredible, the complaining was minimal (except the usual I hate you’s and I hate this game), every kind of weapon available was used, bubbles were worn, resigns were present and somewhere in the middle of the game I had to shout out “I remember now, this game is fun!!!!!!!!” I was so distracted by the fun I had I played the worst game I had in months and loved it. Why did I love it? It was about playing, it was about having fun, it was about chatting with pals. That is what this game is about.

    So if a member of the scorched community finds something they don’t like or think is unacceptable it should be posted and discussed as we are doing here.



    Hm…if you ask me …ill tell you this :
    1. Big Bear made a small mistake posting the cut of the log that only admins can see! Guys(admins) you did this funktion(whispering) not for being the masters of the situation!!! Dear Bear…i think you had only RETELL the sence of the gialog & the problem that you see in it!!! It ‘s like making use of official rang for your own use:-)
    2. Permanent truce of the first 3 players…..:-( Its like the BOTS on beginers server(no need). But to protect themselves from enemies is GOOD & it worked!!! It wasnt hiden Group! And like they say ITS WAR….all the weapon is good if it works.Mb i am wrong
    _________________________________ VG 🙂 ____________________



    Hi all… and if not know me i’m Outer one of the admins. Sorry for not being present on the server guys, but my studies have left me no choice. But keep in mind that i always check the forums and that i am here for you to contact me or any on the admin group.

    After this intro (if needed) i can see there are a lot of ppl feeling uncomfortable with the trucing or perma-trucing and with the whispering dialogue. Well @vg we admins didn’t make this function, were those programers at the admin group 😉 and well as of course was meant to whisper.

    I honestly in previous versions tried this whisper function, how much? not that much, because it was hard via console and stuff…so well. What i think of this function: it is there to be used. It is strategic, it is meant to be used and to plan an attack or to warn someone, or to just flirt with you’re wife uh?(gotcha POM and ellie)

    Nevertheless (but to simplify) it is brings some cons to the gameplay. There are the perma-trucers; But how i see it is that perma-trucers are really obvious so at next round you can target them for the multi. Its boring to have perma-trcuers? yes.

    As for the mob rules on uniting and that i don’t see the point my friends One, Vitos. Last version, adn you can tell anyone, mostly POM whom i played every night that i was the #1 target. Yep and as u may be experiencing most player will target you with the “KTL rule”(Not an actual server rule) but at the end i won the game. What’s my point Vitos , try not to set this group rules my friend ’cause it may lead to more problems and ruining gameplay experience of other scorched community members. Yes i know that KTL is another rule of these which i am talking, but to fight against it with another similar rule just makes things worse. For example i never go KTL cause it decreases my kill ratio :x, ill just shoot someone else and don’t follow the rule. Plus if they come at you, theres a chance to make multi kills if several ppl are near and shooting and you. I lived through that experience V, so don’t let it bother you.

    Ufff this was long man… i’ve never written such long post… well those were my toughts.

    And i’m here if anything.





    @vg🙂 wrote:

    1. Big Bear made a small mistake posting the cut of the log that only admins can see! Guys(admins) you did this funktion(whispering) not for being the masters of the situation!!! Dear Bear…i think you had only RETELL the sence of the gialog & the problem that you see in it!!! It ‘s like making use of official rang for your own use:-)

    I see what you are getting at. Had it been personal stuff I would never have posted it. In this case it is all about the game, ie the pact. So at the risk of repeating myself, I don’t see the problem.

    @vg🙂 wrote:

    2. Permanent truce of the first 3 players…..:-( Its like the BOTS on beginers server(no need). But to protect themselves from enemies is GOOD & it worked!!! It wasnt hiden Group! And like they say ITS WAR….all the weapon is good if it works.

    This is a much better example of using your connections for the wrong reasons. What you are saying is basically that anything goes as long as you and/or your friends benefit with no regard for other players. I am sorry, but I can’t see how this is acceptable. And the log posted clearly shows that they were trying to hide what they were doing. That can’t be contested.

    @vg🙂 wrote:


    Again I have to disagree. This topic has become more than the topic in the initial post. This matter is far from closed imo.

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