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    Moderator edit: This topic split from the Blender Export Script thread. Good posts, deserved their own thread to help others find it. – cbx

    What I founded, this script dont support transparency, only that type of transparency like glass, but I wnat use transparcy with alpha maskes, I dont know that, you understand my explain so I put here in a sample picture from it, in this case we use an alpha bitmap(black&white), and we use an another, witch we want to see with a black background color, black color will be fully transparent, but white color must be shown our second picture.But after export you cant see in game its show fully transparent So its dont support alpha mask. So you undertsand what I mean? I am not too good in english, and maybe I try to explain too dificult 🙁


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    Ok, I may be able to help a little. I don’t like to clutter the sticky, so maybe someone could move this to a separate thread at some stage?

    I’m no Blender expert, but this is my method:

    Model created and textured in 3ds Max, exported to Blender via Wavefront OBJ:

    Blender Material/Textures (as imported):

    Manual text edit of exported Milkshape ascii file:

    To give:

    From my experience, there’s a small issue with alpha transparency. Fully transparent or fully opaque textures seem ok, but anything partially transparent will hide weapons effects and water.

    Hope that helps.

    I’m not sure if png alpha channels are supported by the game these days, but if they are, I’d guess they’re not supported by Milkshape ascii. I don’t think the issue you experienced has much to do with the script.



    Hmmm interesting I will try it out thx, all days I learn a new thing 😀



    Awesome post, Lappy.

    I just wanted to note that the alpha image does not need to be the same as the texture image.

    I’ve also thought about putting a selection in the export dialog to add the alpha image… I’ll make a post in the other thread as a reminder. 😉


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