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    In light of the new release and the hectic firing pace that can be expected,
    console commands are going to become much more difficult to use
    without being klilled in the process.

    As many of you that I have spoken with, my default sceeen setting is to
    play with the water turned off. However, my machine displayes the water
    without difficulty and I would prefer to play with it on.

    The reason I don’t is because I can’t see how my rollers are moving under
    the water and using the console command drawwater takes me
    too long to use most of the time.

    Solution – If the water console command could be broken out of the console
    and implemented as a quick key, this would allow those of us that appreciate
    the water, to quickly toggle it off then back on again.

    Considering the work put into the water along with the fact that few have it
    turned on, this seemed like a reasonable feature reqest.



    Hi Rommel,

    this can be done for ages already.
    game folderdatakeys.xml

    In the end of file, before the tag, add an entry like:





    Hi XTC :

    It is good to see you are still around.

    Having added custom keys in the past, this does not pose a problem.
    Codeing the feature into the new release for everyone was the goal.

    The “Show No Kibitizing Dialog” function has been disabled (sort of).
    Replacing it with “Show Water” seemed like a good suggestion and a
    good location in the keys.xtml file.

    Thanks for the reply and for posting the code.

    Hoping to hog you soon,




    Well, your way of presenting things looked more like a suggestion of a possibility rather then of a certain game option connected with this possibility being implemented. As for the idea of this setting being included into game by default, I support it.



    Ах, он живой! 😮



    Hi XTC :

    Thank you for the show of support for the hot key.

    Hopefully this can be implemented to operate in the
    same manner as pressing the S key to show the score.

    Each press of the hot key (W seems like a good choice)
    would toggle the water display to either on or off.

    Adding it to the pull down menu, may be helpful for
    those engaged in chat but does not seem required
    if additional items might clutter the list.

      Side Note (for consideration in the distant future) :
      When everyone has a capable GPU, there is no reason to
      allow anyone to set the water to off as the default, the hot
      key to toggle the water, might then function to only turn the
      water off for a few seconds to allow viewing the rollers with
      useage restricted to once per shot.

      This could be limited further by removal of the hot key entirely.
      Instead of requiring action by the user the water display could
      be turned off when the roller missle impacts. Upon detonation
      of the rollers, the water display is restored. There would be no
      option availabe to disable it entirely.

    Best Wishes,




    Water visibility can now be toggled via a key.

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