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    I’ve had this Windows Vista Home Premium Upgrade Disk lying around in my draw for several months now and have been very undicided about actually doing it or not.

    I’ve read mixed reviews about the upgrade process and was wondering how many of my friends in the Scorched Community have actually done it and there overall thoughts about it.

    HP sent this disk to me for free when Vista came out and my computer is Vista Capable and the Windows Upgrade advisor tells me my system is good to go for Vista.

    If I decide to upgrade I’ve read that I should unplug and uninstall my printers, scanners, all other usb devices and uninstall my norton internet securities, I’ve also read that I can just leave it all plugged in and Vista will fix it.

    So should I just leave well enough alone and stick with XP Media Center 2005 or make Bill Gates happy and upgrade to Vista????



    For me, it’s about the same as asking. “Should i rip out all my own
    teeth with pliers and replace them with popcicle sticks..”

    But I do like this guy’s opinion as well.


    KTM Rider

    I don’t know about the actual upgrade (I installed Vista on a new system), but I’ve been using it for the last 9 months. The comic sorta has it right. Its a wee bit hard to get used to, but once you tweak (and use your own flesh and blood to bring it up to room temperature, lol), its really nice.

    I’m still tweaking Vista to be more “I’m not an idiot”-friendly. It’s been a looong road, but I don’t think I could go back to XP. Its odd, though; The first people to complain or warn against Vista don’t have it. Yet many people who have Vista are fine with it. I really don’t see what the big issue is, I’ve had as many issues with Vista as I’ve had with XP….. Wait, is that a good thing?



    @KTM Rider wrote:

    The first people to complain or warn against Vista don’t have it.




    Ok, so seems my link to what I said about this in mates forum was deleted, so I’ll just C&P, bare in mind I wrote this as a simple statement and as advice to anyone that hit the forum.

    Now that I have some experience with vista (ultimate in 32bit) (and its been out a while and alot of the bugs have been resolved), I feel its time to properly discuss which is better for the home user, windows XP or Vista.

    Its certainly tricky but very similar to the 98 / XP issues that arose all those years ago.

    For a new PC and someone that doesnt ‘play’ with their computer all the time, installing obscure / little known programs, I would have to say that Vista is the way to go, although the reasons for this are very basic / small, it comes with an updated media centre straight out the box for watching / recording TV (home premium and ultimate) and the sidebar (although the google sidebar is just as good, its a shame both cant be run at the same time as they each offer something the other does not) and of course new software will be released purely for Vista soon.

    Thats about it, the pretty stuff is almost pointless, for all its niceties the fact that it slows the system down soo much takes away from the plus side too easily.

    However as an upgrade from XP I could not recommend it, for the extras that you get, the price is just too high, as I said, google sidebar (part of google desktop) is just as good and there are other media centre programs around that do almost just as good a job as windows media centre, as with Vista only software that will be released in the not too distant future, there will be other software that will do just as good a job but run on XP.
    There is also the matter of how well an older system will run Vista, the minimum basic spec for home premium / Ultimate I would recommend would be a dual core CPU, 1GB RAM and a high spec 6 series Nvidia graphics card. Anything less than a dual core and there will be times when you’ll find yourself reaching for the handle to wind it back up or change the battery.

    Then theres software support, some of which STILL have yet to be patched to run on Vista or require an upgrade to run (Nero being the biggest one Evil or Very Mad ).
    This was the reason I gave up on Vista last year (the pre-release beta tests) and again in feb / March with the full release…. SOOO many of my favorite programs just wouldnt run and I was not going to start forking out for the newer versions or different versions (alot of software just wasnt available).

    Then theres the ‘Trusted Installer’, which it seems just likes to pop up now n then and use between 30-100% of the CPU just for the fun of it (yes I have looked around and this DOES seem to be all its there for).
    The sidebar, which, if windows crashes, has a tendancy to ‘forget’ the order everything was in, requiring you to waste time re-organising everything.
    The fact that, no matter which driver I use for my 7 series Nvidia graphics card, I have only ONCE been able to get dualview working (which, even then, will not allow me to have media centre on one screen while working on the other, VERY ANNOYING).. this, again, is a common problem, but is not only microsofts error, but also Nvidias.

    All sounds very familiar to when XP was released to replace ’98, the same discussions were being had, people swearing they would stick with 98 (I was one of them for a while), rediculous number of bugs in the shinny new operating system etc….
    Which makes me think that, around the end of the year (I’m also HOPING) the issues with Vista will be resolved, drivers and software will be readily available and some new features added (service pack 1 will be out early next year, as should service pack 3 for XP).

    So, all in all, if upgrading from XP, I would suggest waiting until service pack 3 is out for XP to see if there is enough in that to keep your pennies in your pocket for a while longer, while checking to see if SP1 for Vista brings enough to the party to justify the £70-£100 asking price.
    If building / Buying a new system, and you are happy with the software available for vista, then yes, it is the better option, unless you want to play games, in which case STAY AWAY FROM IT!

    That was written on 25 September and I think I’d had a bit of addative in my cigs!

    EDIT: BTW, I am now using Linux (openSuse 10.3) as I’d had enough of windows, but I do REALLY miss MCE and my TV card (not got it working on here yet, although I havn’t put much time into it.



    In my opinion, Vista is not bad for gaming- I have games from windows 98 that work better than they did on other OSs. On my pc- if I have a problem with a game/program, it would be the same problem I had with it in XP.

    So, to me, Vista is not to blame for problems, such as, the one I had with scorched crashing – !underestimated worms are!



    It’s not loading or getting them to RUN, its a case that the performance hit is pretty large and for ‘gamers’ ever frame is critical, whether its speed or quality and one goes against the other, so losing speed straight out the box is not the best start.
    I’m sure this will be resolved soon, but I was expecting it to be resolved within about 6 months of release (like XP was) but its STILL a big problem.

    I should stop commenting in this thread now tho as i have not used it for a couple of months or so, so im a little behind the times! (mind you, getting me to shut up is pretty tricky at the best of times)



    I have not used Vista at home, but I deal with it on new machines at work, and have a couple comments:

    – Brand new dualcore laptops run shockingly slow. To be sure, this is likely mostly due to the crap that the OEMs install on them (Even with XP I found I had to spend half a day cleaning up brand new PCs so they’d run alright)
    – You will get frustrated with the interface, as it is just plain different. Just a learning curve, however. (I get excessively frustrated with the wireless connection interface when I try it… it’s a pretty thing, but just doesn’t seem intuitive to me, and I always forget how it works…. sure it’s simple, but it just doesn’t work in the simple way I expect it to lol)

    All in all, my general recommendation for upgrading anything stands: Unless you have a good reason to (or perhaps a strong personal desire to), don’t.


    Laptops Daddy

    yes, good advice. don’t fix stuff unless it’s broken.

    my input is: (probably already said, but it was ftl and dr). upgrades aren’t the way to go. vista can be cool if you like that kind of thing, but install it clean.

    upgrade over the top of xp and you’re asking for trouble.

    for those who care, i’m missing ’til tuesday.

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