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    Gavin do you still have the parachute model? Or does it even have a model, if it does where can it be found? i have looked in the files but i see no parachhte model.

    Thanks! 😀



    There does not appear to be a model.

    Deployed when the tank falls.
    Prevents the tank from taking falling damage.
    Parachutes must be enabled before they are


    Perhaps it is rendered internally


    P.S. – I meant to say this earlier; Great work on the models! I wish you much success in developing some that are incorporated into the game package. I’m not sure that it matters on the tanks but you might want to go with a lossless format for larger textures. Keep up the good work and good luck!



    ah ty, i have no clue about textring or modeling really, thats why their so lare and gaudy lol.



    Its an internal render using OpenGL primatives. Not sure why probably for awsome reasons at the time 🙂



    @gcamp wrote:

    Its an internal render using OpenGL primatives. Not sure why probably for awsome reasons at the time 🙂

    Might be time to un-hook that. There’s been several times that a custom
    chute would have been fitting.



    insert a tag like overidewithmodel=true modeltouse=blahblahblah



    If Gavin is considering changing the code to allow parachute models this could be your big chance Kanga. Parachute model(s) that scale properly for either tank or cargo drops. A cluster of 3 large ones with short cords might be more true to life for tanks though. Single or cluster, the chute(s) should not pop open way above the tank. Long cords might work nicely for chutes intended to be used with cargo, flares, ect..

    As an example of what I mean by scale :

    The gas station model in the Apocalypse mod does not scale properly. When the size is adjusted such that the Panzer III appears correctly sized with the pump bays, the doors to the store are excessively wide. True to scale models take a little more thought but could give you an advantage over those that overlook the small details.

    “You”re doing a fine job, just stay between the lines.”

    Best wishes

    P.S. – Perhaps you can work with Gavin to define a model scale if there is not one currently defined. Having a section of “scale models” where a model size of 1.0 is scaled to match all properly scaled tanks would be great for those persuing realistic landcapes.

    P.P.S. – Note to Gavin : If you decide to implement chute models, I hope that you will consider giving them the option of being designated as target type objects. This would allow deployed “target” chutes to be destroyed. This is not currently allowed. Destroying a cargo chute would cause the cargo to fall to ground and be destroyed. The same would happen to a tank that was falling and had it’s last chute destroyed.

    P.P.P.S. – Note to all : I did a little looking around for more information on tank chutes and found a video you might find interesting. The best part starts at 4:45 and shows the Russians doing high altitude tank drops using rocket assisted chute packs.

    Rocket Assisted Chutes


    Laptops Daddy

    id like to see scorched move as far away from realism as possible. realistic warfare isnt attractive to me in the least – i know im not alone. we have far more mass appeal as a fun projectile game. (i hope : ). realism is cool for a mod.

    requests (just in case its not on the list (i cant find the list)):

    higher resolution bubbles please! (more polygons)
    bounding mesh <- huge potential. i know that ones come up before.

    (those two are possibly linked if theres a chance of shield models (they could be shaped. guess youd also need to fix that old problem where transparent textures hide water/explosion effects) i need to check out the latest code – forgive me for not being current


    i also wanted to say – good work. your models are getting better every time.



    The more realistic the better as far as I’m concerned. A forrest made up of trees that are the proper size in relation to the tanks, provides good cover during those times when good cover would be beneficial.

    Hiding out at an Apocalypse gas station is not a good idea.



    Ah Ty for the comments Lappy. Thanks for the Reply Thrax. Thanks for the input Rommel. Thanks for considering my idea Gavin.

    The reason i was asking, is i was trying to make para-bombs, at apex it drops free floating bombs, i was wondering if there was a way to give a projectile a parachute, and have it drift over a small or large area, when it collides with the ground, it would explode.

    I tried to simulate this by creating two seperate models and at apex have it aim over and activate a model (similar to thraxs mine spreader) with a fake parachute model. Problems i ran into:

    Gave kill to self kill, or enviroment and not firing player.

    could not get it to drift.

    is there a wa we can implement this in the next version to create possible observation drones and para bombs? imagine a small scaled parachute in a blimp over a modeled nazi germany. Floats down and delivers a nuclear payload!

    PS> Like my new Avatar, Bunny in a tank! 😛 you wish it was yours!

    Thanks for the support 😀


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