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    So… the U.S. chose Bush as President again. Since everyone around the world seemed to pay close attention to the election, I was wondering what your guys’ thoughts were and what people’s general attitudes were from your country on this decision. I’m actually not sure how many people here are Non-U.S. individuals so there may not be many replies on it.

    Remember not to be too harsh in your reply, because I don’t want anyone offended.



    Well…. For those U.S individuals that wnt to vote, and vote on Kerry I am terrible sorry, for those who voted on Bush, well……

    I never liked him to say the thruth, and for what i see being from a foreign country, what i see and ear at the news, is he want to be the king of the hill, well you all could invite him for a lil game at scorched and lets see who wins 😛

    I’m sure he doesn’t have the I.q for this lil game 😈 😈 😈
    Mister president you have to buy chutes, or you will fall like a rock

    If it is to harsh, just tell me 🙂

    Sorry but I can’t help it, is stronger than me



    Hmm… Interesting. No, that’s not too harsh.

    I’m just glad Ohio got their crap together. If not, I’d be afraid to drive my Ohio licensed car out of state for the fear of getting rocks pelted at it.



    im a teXan and from where I come from putting down the us
    is like asKing for a buT wooPin

    I support our troops “reguardless of the mistakes of our retarded president” who: cant spell, cant read, and probably cares nothing
    on our best interests.

    fact is ever since the 911 act of unspeakable senceless waste of
    innocent human lives” I have been looking forward to bombing
    those cammel ninjas who did that

    ask me if they are bombing the right people and I could’nt tell ya
    but what I do know is.. that voting for anyone running for
    office is a complete waste of time..

    who decides who is president anyways? because its surely not us.
    wheres all the great presidents like regan types and how is it they
    cant make it to run for office?

    truth be spoken im just babling and laughing at you for reading this
    for so long.. If I was forced to vote for anyone I would def vote for
    a jerrys kid .. heh atleast we would know we have better brains in office!!




    Well, from various discussions I had with workmates and wife etc, it was pretty evenly split. My own personal thoughts are:

    Bush may be a trigger-happy retard, but he’s doing something important for the US’s security.

    Kerry, however, really came across as too intelectual, but didn’t have empathy with the heartland – I consider him to be an intellectualised retard: too many brains, not enough heart. (Bush was not enough brains, but a heart in the right place).

    So, yeah, in a word – better the devil you know, than the dickhead you don’t!


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