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    Considering that Scorched supports frames of animation, I thinking about making this.


    I’d like to keep it simple as possible to
    1) Not slow the game down
    2) So I don’t have to put so much work into it.

    What I want to do is just make an expanding spherical model that slowly disappears kinda like the old Scorched. I’m not even sure how I’m gonna animate it yet. In this case, it wouldn’t be appropriate to use bones but I don’t know how to animate it without bones yet.

    Possible issues:
    Disappearing effect: I don’t think it would be possible on my side to do this. Maybe have Scorched make the model slowly disappear.

    Craters appearing before expanding: It wouldn’t make sense for the craters to appear before the Nuke touched the area of land, however gradual dirt removal sounds out of the question. I’m not sure what can be done about this really. I would say wait until the nuke is fully expanded then make the crater appear but the problem with that is it would change gameplay tactics when considering rollers and such.

    Lastly I was wondering what your input is on this Gavin? Do you think the current method should be kept? Any other suggestions or questions?



    Sounds like you have covered all the problems/issues.
    I am interested to see how something like this works.

    In answer to some of your questions I don’t think the crater could be gradually created (as you say) but the model could be faded in or out.



    I don’t even know how to go about animating this so it’s all still very sketchy but I hope I can get through it.



    Not to leave you hanging, I decided to post my lack of progress. It seems it will be very difficult to do this. Moreso than animating that bird. I can use bone animation but I haven’t figured out how to implement. So for right now, I’m canceling this.

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