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    Laptops Daddy

    i always used pioneer or nec for optical drives, back in the day. (before the sony nec buyout)

    again, i have to second peanut. id consider any optical drive a legacy addition in 2009/10 (including blu ray).

    id have thought gnu linux would be perfect for students. and i bet you, do a study, i BET you theres a bias in favour of linux users when it comes to college grades etc.

    ..|. peanut

    this is getting all too common



    @laptops Daddy wrote:

    ..|. peanut

    this is getting all too common

    Yea, it is.
    So quit creeping, I told you, you’re too old for me 😉


    Laptops Daddy

    and no doubt spoken for
    @peanutsrevenge wrote:

    That’s why I loved that men lappy.

    freudian slip much? : )




    @Kangabunny wrote:

    hey someone say they preffered crucial memory?

    is this it?
    its on sale….

    That’s DDR3 memory.
    It would be easily possible to change the motherboard to allow DDR3 (which is the latest memory spec), the prices aren’t hiddeous anymore, but the difference in speed is still pretty negligable.

    However, should you become an upgrader (the bug is easy to catch once you start building your own machines and play some of the latest 3D intensive games) then having DDR3 memory may be an advantage later on.

    This is due to the fact that DDR2 motherboards have already STARTED to be phased out, with DDR3 replacing. So, should you decide to get a new motherboard and CPU in 12 months time or so, you won’t have to get new memory aswell.

    Other than the additional expense or the RAM and slight extra for the motherboard, I can’t see a reason not to go with DDR3 if you’d like.

    Anyone else?

    Pros and cons as I see for going DDR3

    -Should you build the machine yourself now and catch the upgrade bug, you’ll have the right memory for an upgrade in 6-36 months.
    -Lower electricity cost as they require less power.

    Higher inital cost for Mem and supporting Motherboard (quick newegg check for pricing) for 4GB $45 extra (including supporting motherboard).

    This would be my recommended MB for DDR3 too BTW



    I want the memory prices from 9 months ago!!! 😥


    Laptops Daddy

    the idea of DDR3 triple channel is attractive to me. i have no experience with it, though.

    id go with ddr3 at this stage (i think), long as the prices are similar. it can be very hard to know what youre buying, though, especially if youre a bit of a noob.

    i am not much of a noob and i still dont have a clue.

    examples from the uk:

    corsair XMS3 4GB 1600Mhz DDR3 CAS9, £90
    corsair XMS3 4GB 1066Mhz DDR2 CAS5, £78

    the DDR2 has higher chip speed and is cheaper and has lower latency. (even if its slower)

    (i think!) lots of fun, um…

    1600 DDR3 CAS9 has a chip speed of 200Mhz, 4 times muliplied for a bus clock of 800
    800Mhz. how many hertz in a megahertz? like 10 to the 6? 1/800,000,000
    0.00000000125s, 1.25ns, x 9 = 11.25ns

    1066 DDR2 has chip of 266 and a bus clock of 533Mhz
    1/533mhz = 1.87ns, x 5 = 9.35ns

    higher cheep speed, lower latency … profit? i dont think id argue if someone said DDR2 was still the way to go. not without real tests to show DDR3 was faster with current other bits in the balance.

    but then theres the old issue of matching memory chip speed to cpu external clock. and.. triple channel! (has cool factor)

    f knows. its one for the scientists and theyre not “ddr3 tripple channel kit” etc manufacturers target market. my advice as always would be to stay out of the poor value go faster stripes range, buy high-end, but buy cheap and buy often. the whole industry is a farce if you ask me.



    there certainly is a lot of of misinformation out there to to mislead the average consumer.

    About yesterday morning post sorry if I sounded a little callous was not thinking straight then. Staying up to 2:30 am after donating blood tends to muddle your wits the next day.



    AMD and Intel i5 chips don’t support triple channel memory, still just dual.
    Also, I think Cas 8 is the standard for DDR3, but I CBA to look it up.

    AMD does still like lower latency, especially the Athlon II range due to lack of L3 Cache.
    However, the difference will be so small as to not be noticable for normal work, only massively memory intensive tasks (as those of you in the know here will I’m sure be able to back me up on).

    That’s why I left out performance differences from my mini evaluation and simply put it down to cost and future upgradability.


    Laptops Daddy

    beyond our scope, i suspect (if interesting).

    those two corsair chips i used as examples werent meant to be standard examples. i just picked the cheapest two decent 4GB sets from from the same manufacturer. (theyre actually links to the pages. thats something that should be changed on this forum – you cant tell whats a link and what isnt).

    remember that DDR3 has double latency over DDR2. (as DDR2 did for DDR)

    @wikipedia – DDR3 SDRAM wrote:

    There is no corresponding reduction in latency, as that is a feature of the DRAM array and not the interface.[citation needed]

    ha ha. i know! same old wikipedia. thats kind of close to accurate*, but its misleading. (*at least it would be close, except i think theyre trying to say theres no corresponding increase in latency (not reduction) ; ). (im in the process of trying to get that changed, since the authors there seem to have a few gaps. (rommel will hate me : ). i dont dare remove it, since, as ive been told, wikipedia is public information!)

    as i understand it:
    1600Mhz DDR3 CAS8 will give the same latency as 800Mhz DDR2 CAS4. that is, you need twice the speed for the same latency.

    i agree, though, its not at all important for these purposes. other than (as i know weve discussed previously) (and just to try to clarify), CAS latency for a given stick of RAM with a given voltage, serves as a quality measure for that chip. which is to say, ram labelled at 800 DDR2 CAS4 1.8v should have no problem reaching 1066Mhz if you loosen timings, where 800 DDR2 CAS5 1.8v will likely struggle. (as we touched on earlier). (deja vu : )



    Hey Guys sorry for not updating recently, done a little bit of shopping and came up with this (possible) configuration. The main problem is are they compatible?

    edit** btw id use this comp for reasearch and hardcore gaming.

    Optic Drive


    Case and Processor combo

    MotherBoard and Hard Drive Combo

    Are they compatible and how well would it do?
    am i missing anything?

    Thanks and hope i chose wisely if not advise!
    (remeber im only 17, so dont be harsh if its completely wrong..)
    KB 😀



    @Kangabunny wrote:

    Thanks and hope i chose wisely if not advise!
    (remeber im only 17, so dont be harsh if its completely wrong..)

    Scroo you

    i dont like your case very much. I say pay extra 10$ and get this one :

    And WTF?!
    ddr2? LGA 775 with AMD processor?

    LGA 775 is an intel processor socket. If you are going to buy phenom 955, best you get a ddr3 mobo wich will come with am3 socket.
    However if you plan to be a noob buy ddr2 and look for a mobo with am2+ socket.

    Intel sockets

    LGA 775 (older one)
    LGA 1366, LGA 1156 (newer icore processor sockets)

    AMD sockets

    AM2, AM2+ (older ones)
    AM3 (newer one)

    Ok now remember, the processor you are buying or any phenom ii range processor for that matter are AM3 socket processors, however they are backwards compatible with AM2+ socket.

    They wont work with AM2 socket.

    So when you are on a lookout, find boards with AM3 socket
    If :
    1)You want ddr3 ram.
    2)You want newer generation parts.

    And find boards with AM2+ socket
    1)You want ddr2 ram.
    2)You want to go back to stone age.(iam just trying to joke, ddr2 is fine and prob faster but the difference in hardly noticeable)

    Both will work with that processor.

    Tip : You can save more on the processor if you are not going to use computer for multitasking (meaning video editing, file compression) or rendering by buying an athlon II quad core.


    This motherboard looks exciting :

    Peanut recommended board is also good.

    Total should be around 550$ with this config.
    Sorry for the long post



    As for the ram, go for anything, doesnt matter really. Buy cheap.

    As peanut says

    I respect : Gskill
    I love : Corsair
    I Adore : Crucial
    I Like : Kingston
    I support : OCZ

    and so on and so forth. .(i have Gskill they work fine)



    DDR3 memory can be used on AM3 sockets. It’s upto the board manufacturer to decide which sockets to put on their boards. Although I’ve yet to see any, I’m sure there’re boards out there with both DDR2 and DDR3 slots for AM3.
    Either way, I’d recommend going with AM3 socket, AMD have said they’re TRYING to make their next gen chips compatible with current AM3 sockets, so we’re talking 2011 new CPUs won’t require you to get a new motherboard & RAM.

    As Yusuf was getting at (I think), the Athlon II is a fair bit cheaper than the Phenom II, however, it’s only slightly slower at certain tasks, even then, the difference appears negligible.
    Personally I’d recommend the Athlon II and put the savings into a better case or a nice keyboard and mouse.

    Please remember the items that you actually USE everytime you’re at the computer:
    and always SEE (although for me it’s HEAR the case as I’m sensitive to PC noise) the Case
    Speakers (although onboard sound doesn’t show off decent speakers well).

    Good choice of hard drive, the WD Caviar Black / RE hard drives are damn fast, got 3 (RE edition) of them here for a server build I’m doing (but ****ing up).

    I’ve not really researched the Antec 300 and Coolermaster RC690 cases much, but I’m sure they’re both pretty good, Coolermaster are good at cases. However, it mostly comes down to personal preference.

    Good luck with continued research. Keep up the work now and try not to get impatient and just buy anything, you could easily regret it within a couple of weeks if you do.

    Might I suggest checking potential cases out @ or youtube videos etc. How a case looks is rarely appreciated in static images, even video has its limits, but it’s better than just static images.
    Will give an idea of size aswell as appearance.

    Edit 2:
    For example This video review I just stumbled across
    Which can be found here



    Oh one thing..

    If you REALLY want a very good processor (for gaming that is) you can buy

    AMD phenom ii 550
    AMD phenom ii 720

    Both are fine .. .

    It dosent make THAT much difference but your performance will certainly improve. You can really save up on that 955 cause i doubt you need it. (Games dont use 4 cores anyway) ..

    If i were buying for Gaming, i wouldnt bother much, just get the phenom 550, 720 or just incase i wanted to do more with more cores, id get athlon ii.

    (ITS ALL NONSENSE! all are pretty much the same)

    BTW i have a 550 and i managed to unlock the cores with a gigabyte motherboard. It runs perfectly stable.. iam sure you can unlock every 550 you get .


    Ok the case peanuts is pointing to is very good. I would buy it. But (i own a cooler master cm690) and it has all those features, plus 3 very silent 120mm fans that come with it, and looks sexier. Iam not forcing! choice is yours :), make a wise one.

    Loos around. You might find something better.

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