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    Umm nut, you posted the same CPU I did..

    I have contemplated purchasing a second hard drive for backup instead of a new CPU. I realized the HD I have is as old as this thread. I think it would be wiser to back up my existing data, in case of rain.




    my bad, prob didn’t copy it right

    That one I meant. Gets hinted at from the overclock thread about it.

    HDD are important, the increase you’ll see even from a 6 core phenom II over athlon Ii X4 wouldn’t be huge.

    An SSD would be far more beneficial, you’ll really notice the improvement from them!



    I have a 3TB hard disk coming in the mail. I couldnt justify the price for a new SSD. Just not that concerned with speed, rather data.

    Now the question remains, do I use old one as backup, or new one?




    If you use the old one for backup, you’re likely to have a version of your data for a couple of years as the backup drive doesn’t have to do much work, so it’s a semi-retirement.

    If you use the new one for backup, you’ll have a version of the data for MUCH longer, however you won’t get the performance benefit of the new drive for your usual accesses and writes, plus your primary drive is likely to last a shorter period of time.

    Use the new one as primary and old as backup with hard disk standby set in your OS.

    Bare in mind that the general trend is that newer drives have a shorter life expectancy. (it’s not drastic).



    ^ This is my current

    ^ This is one coming in mail

    I am not much concerned with speed ect, I just want to be able to clone the data I have on the primary drive, to drive # 2, in case of failure, data loss, etc.

    I am new to the whole backup thing, I just thought it would be a good investment as far as keeping everything in order. I did not have a choice in drive, or I would have bought another 1tb caviar black, the one in the mail is a gift! 😀

    To be honest, I am not sure how the whole process works, I was just going to read some articles about cloning data from your hd.

    Hoping this new HD wont dud!

    I was considering just using the primary till it wears out, then switch to secondary, and buy another secondary.




    Laptops Daddy

    nice and quiet, those green drives. good choice for a backup.

    practicalities in cloning. perhaps not worth bothering unless you have loads of software that’d take a year to install. maybe just treat it like it’s a giant usb stick. drag things over as and when. a good thing to do might be to have a /software directory that you can install from if ever you need a fresh windows.

    maybe even install windows on it as well so you can boot from it in emergencies?



    It is a software issue i’m addressing. We have very poor internet speeds here at my university, and on the wireless at home. It takes a day or so for just 6 Gb of data. All of my important files are backed up on a 16 Gb flash drive, this new HD is for the computer as a whole. Basically I want my HD(s) to backup simultaneously, just in case one of them fails. I have a large game library that I have been collecting for years, and it took ages to re-install after the wipe, it is not something I want to go through again, though I noticed the mega performance boost after.

    Are you suggesting I just back up my games, pictures, music on the new drive? Can you do that without having to install windows. I know cloning will bring all the clutter with it.

    I have never done this before, so I am open to any suggestions. If I could use it as a large usb stick, and emergency drive, without wearing it down much, that would be optimal. I realize you cannot have your cake and eat it too though. 😀

    If I manually transfer files, instead of cloning, would this protect against viruses, given that the files I transfer wouldn’t be infected? I am not sure how the computer controls two HD(s) to be honest.

    Installing windows on it wouldn’t bug me in the least, especially if the primary fails. It hasn’t showed any signs of failure, but I am preparing for the worst.

    Just as an example, my battlefield 3 game, which installs via the net through origin drm, is 32.6 Gb. It takes ages to download, and I would like to back up all of my origin, steam, and general games and software to the new drive. Pictures, maybe my mouse settings, and my Itunes library. Gfx drivers would be nice too, but I could manage the wait for those.





    LAPPPPYYYYY!!!!! You’re still alive 🙂
    Was worried I’d lost my favorite sparring partner 😉

    For backups that you’re talking about Thumper, just drag and drop the big stuff you want to keep safe Steam Origin etc)..
    Steam games for example are SOOO easy to backup.
    Just go to C:prog filesx96steam and copy steamapps to the backup drive (within an appropriate folder structure). (most stuff is in common).

    You can then delete the folder in common that contains a game that’s taking up too much space and not being used. When you want to play it again, copy the appropriate folder back into common from the backup and you’re good to go.
    I do this quite frequently as my primary drive is only 120GB. Takes about 5-10 minutes to transfer on my slow system. (I know that’s not what you’re looking to do, but letting u know for future reference).

    I THINK it’s the same for origin, but I’ve only got BF3 in origin and it’s not currently installed.

    For the small stuff you want to keep up to date at all times, give “allways sync” a try. It’s free for personal use with limits on the amount of data per month that can be transferred (hence saying for small file updates), but I got on quite well with it for a while.

    Once set up, it will copy new or modified data to the backup drive. If the file is modified (already existed, you just edited and saved it), then the program will update the backup. Although you can set it to created revisions I think, so all iterations will be kept and named accordingly.

    Anyway, gotta go work. Will check back later see how you get on.



    I purchased a sata cable today, as I recieved a text that my package had arrived. Unfortunately it is easter break at my university, and there is no way for me to secure it until tuesday, unless I get lucky and catch a CA.

    Damn college retention of mail policies.



    Laptops Daddy

    LAPPPPYYYYY!!!!! You’re still alive

    Yep, hi : ). Still kicking



    Second Hard Disk is up and running.

    I copied all of my important files to it.

    Was I supposed to wait, and install windows first?
    I am unsure. Its a 3 TB HD, but is only partitioned for 2TB?

    Can I use that extra TB to load windows?? :-k

    Learning something new.




    Oh, you don’t have a dedicated OS drive? How… average of you!

    Yes, you should have installed windows on it first, but nevermind.
    Create the final 1TB as a new partition and install windows to it. Make sure you keep your 1TB as backup (disconnected).

    The reason it’s partitioned to 2+1TB is because 2TB was a limit for bootable drives until quite recently (needs a UEFI BIOS if memory serves).
    You should be fine booting from it, so long as it’s partitioned to less than 3TB. This is ok for storage drives, it’s JUST boot drives it has issues with.



    Ok, so here is my plan.

    I would like my primary drive to remain as is, it is fine until it fails or gets hacked/infected whatever.

    I want to install windows on my secondary, minimal space, just for backup purposes


    Allocate about 2Tb for storage purposes.

    Can I partition the second drive to do that with the current setup?

    It would be no problem to reformat both hard drives and do this proper, as long as I kept the backup active and transferred the files, before wiping it.

    Im thinking I would Install windows on the older hard drive, via a wipe. Partition space for windows. Then partition space for user contet, such as programs, ect, so if I need to reinstall windows I may.

    Then use the secondary, as an emergency bootable, and storage device, using the same partition setup.

    Is this making sense/possible?

    I will admit I am slightly confused.




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