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    Recently…Peanut drew up a list of past players and I tried to add to the list by browsing through the stats of previous series.

    It made me sad how a game could go from literally hundreds of active players (some folks remember actually WAITNG to get on main)…. to a sad, empty dust swept server.

    But then I realized…the same things that attracted all those people to begin with are still here. The world wide friendships, good natured ribbing, and frustrating skills of some …The fun of Playing KTL when someone starts running away with the lead. The “Good Game” ending when the rounds are finished. The helping $$$ Gifts (a newer feature we didn’t used to have) to players trying to figure things out or coming in mid-game.

    Recently, there’s been quite a number on main. Granted only half of what it can hold….but enough to bring back that feeling of “who should I shoot” , “who’s going to shot me”…..”what’s my best option…lob or snipe”. “Dangit ! I’m wounded and not enough batts.”

    So Here’s to Scorch…back from the ashes, the past is past and to every old name I see come back to play, I raise my glass…but here’s to the new players as well. =D>

    In spite of all the other games out there, and Steam summer sales and a jillion places on the internetz….you stumble in here.

    That after all is what Scorch is all about. Remembering old friends and making new ones by helping them to learn the ropes…

    and Then HAMMERING the BEEJeeZus out of them! :mrgreen:



    Here here



    I do remember when I had to wait in order to play on main. A few years back I would get home between 11pm to 11:30 pm to a full house on Main. I would try to get in as soon as possible because I did not want to miss round 1 of the next game. Many times it would go to the last round with still no room to join.

    At the end of each game some people would always exit. But you had a small window between the end of the game and the start of the new game to get in for round 1.



    But Chop, this is a NUKE 😕 ….. not a Hog !



    yeah,the full house games that were going on recently were serious fun!




    @B.A.D. wrote:

    yeah,the full house games that were going on recently were serious fun!


    And that’s when they’re just half-full houses 😉



    Hey all,

    I’mma try and be online 7PM nightly. Mostly during the week Monday-Thursday. Hopefully we can find a time when a number of us can be on at the same time.


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