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    Right now there is two ways to view the weapons you have one is by the weapon panel, clicking on the name of the weapons your using and the other is by clicking on the bomb icon(I think thats the right one) at the top left side of your screen.

    The weapon panel shows only your weapons and when ‘Give all weapons’ is turned on this can be alot of weapons. One problem I’ve seen and been told before is that the weapons list will over lap where there is too many weapons. Now this problem was caused, in this case because the font size was set to large(bigger size will cause more over lapping) and setting it to medium will fix the problem but what will happen when it is because there are alot of weapons?

    In the second way to view your weapons, the Bomb icon, will probably have more problems with over lapping because it also shows your fuels and shields and will take up more space on the screen when “Give all weapons” is turned on.

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