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    Day 26, Most bloody day at 26 days of war

    About 180 rockets and RPG’s bombed Israel today
    One of those 1800 killed 12 reserve soldiers who were prapering to action inside Lebannon and were gotheraroud.
    One missile, 12 kills…
    Another 6 of the 180 landed at Haifa, who were quiter place in last 7 days…it was an illusion..3 civilains been killed by a rocket that went through buileding with dozens of cilivilians it it.
    100 were injured from the whole 6 missles
    Totaly, almost 200 ppl were injured JUST today.
    IDF destroyed more luacher devices. AT least 200 Hizzballas dead. Many more rockets been destroyed from IDF air force strikes.

    *goes to blow some steem online*




    Lucky day, day 27
    I don’t know if today’s low ammo attack and injuriesdeath was inface result of the IDF actions on south Lebanon but, “only” 3 soldiers been killed on action. dozens were injured.
    165 missles were shot today.
    IDF air force took down a none-pilot control plain (who know the name for it? I know the name in hebrew..) of Hizballa. It was take down on teritorial water of Israel. The Israely inteligent followed that plain FROM ITS LIFT-OFF at the city of Tzor, Lebanon.
    Dozens of hizballas were killed in last 24 hours.
    Lebanon said it will send its army to the boarder with Israely to supervise the area… doesn’t look like a serious solotion…(remember the soldiers who were kidnupped? they still at Lebanon..)

    At the south: a quiet day also. Cannons firing at gazza and few Kasams were luanched. No injuries or death.

    IDF keeps activity at gaza strip. Also on the West Bank.




    People with an interesting view on this subject.



    That organization won’t sucsseed too much. Now there is too much “sparks” between the 2 sides.
    Maybe i the VERY long run, something would happened.



    Day 28, 4 weeks of war
    3 more soldiers been killed today in action.
    Israely descided on inrease the activity at south Lebanon. More troops will go inside to secure the south and more then south, Lebanon. To destroyed the ammo storage there and the lauching rockets and devices.
    150-160 missles been shot today. Few were shot at night…unusual…

    About 450-500 hizzballas been killed in those 4 week. No including what the special forces did and the air force.
    IDF took over the control over El Manar, the hizzballa TV, for few times and is airing clips of the hizballa’s dead and lies.

    I’m aint gonna write about ther Reuters fake photos cause it doesn’t even wortha comment. They did, though, fired the photographer.




    b]Day 29…BLOODIER EVER[/b]
    15 soldiers been killed in actions on south Lebanon
    15!! 👿
    37 injured

    More then 160 missles been luanch over the north of Israely today. No civilian been killed.

    IDF is gonna be in full level of combat soon. More tropps are now being on there way to the south of Lebanon. IDF now reached deeper area in Lebanon.
    Sees fire won’t be decided in UN for few days at least. Next mission: the Litany river near the city of Tzor. There are there the most of the luachers and lauch devices that being use to shoot over Israel.
    The heavies level of combat is soon..

    At the south: today it like there is peace or something..comparing to the north..realy quiet.

    At the west bank: 2 been killed from first ever air force attack on a building of a terror unit..



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