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    As long as you got your internet connection and you can keep Schorching, you’re good to go

    Just stay safe, Apache



    No way I won’t have internet 😈

    Day 18, Summery
    ONE person beeb kidnapped and was bured after that… the army section of PLO claims to that action 👿
    “Only” 90 missels landed today at the north. 3 of them on area that have never been hit before on any time in the past. “Only” 4 ppl injured.
    IDF retured frim some places at south Lebanon, and will get back again there. IDF air force keep bombing terorr target in whole over Lebanon.
    On the west bank: IDF killed serval terorrists in last days.
    More terrorists, also, been killed at south Lebanon. Launcher devices were destroyed on dayly base.

    On gaza: more then 10 terrorists been killed. Quiet day..alomst no Kasams were shot. IDF air force bomb Hamas’ targets.

    I do hope it realy was a quiet day and not a “reloading missles” day.





    Day 19

    The started with IDF air force attacks on TERORRHizballa tergets on a village in south Lebanon. At least 55 |civillains were killed from a buidling crashed down.
    I will say it again: it was a building who was TERORR used and eapons and ammo were sroted there. Hizzballa , as terorr organization, USES civilains houses for their terorr actions and storage. In a video feed that was shown today, were shown luacher device shooting rockets to Israe. THE laucner device WAS few meters FROM THAT VILLAGl. Shortly after the Hizzballa men finished luanching thre rockets a car with that launcher what eneting THE VILLAGE, following by a track (the place to put rockets without seeing em). INSIDE the civillans village the car with the launcher in it, came to a house. Then the car were droven it to what look like a udergroud foul (the car just vanished inside). The track was doing the same..
    After that video there another one on the same kind: launching missles and “mixing” with civilians houses and population.
    That building that were attcked crashed…7 hours AFTER the attack. It was onr of at least SIX more civilians building that was using by the HIzzballa for terorr activity and ammo storage.
    IDF told tohe ppl there to leave the building SERVAL times, trogh radion, tv and flyers…IDF knew there was terror activity there.

    Ofcours I feel bad about the 55 civilains BUT, like the Israely console in the UN said: “whom who spleeps with hizballa missles might not wake up in the morning “. 9not eczac word but that what he said in simple words).

    150 rockets bombed the north of Israel today.
    100 of them landed on ONE town.
    Total cilvillains injuries: about 40-50
    Toata killed: NONE
    Toatal soldiers injured: 4.
    Hizzballa men dead: about 50.
    Hundreds of IDF air force attacks.

    At the “quiet south”: at least 4 Kasams landed at the south. NO serious injury and none dead.

    This day was the most bombed day ever in Israel.

    That day made me (im sure like many others) even more srong. What can’t kill u, makes u tuugher.

    I guess yesterday was indeed reloading day.




    I hope that this conflict will stay far enough away from you & that God will keep you & your contry men safe!
    God be with you!



    Day 21, 3 weeks of war

    Yesterday I didn’t write anything here cause….there was almost nothing to write! It was a day of air sees fire. No airforce attack on our side and no Katyushas from theirs side (only 3 RPG’s). It declerd a sees air fire cuase of what happened 2 days ago with the 55 ppl been killed.

    Today IDF keeps “cleaning” the area near the boarded from hizballa men and stationsbunkers.
    There are injured soldiers..and catialties. 3 been killed. At least 6 terrorists been killed too.
    In next few days IDF will have more platoons on the area near the boarded. The way of combat will step up and will be increas.

    At the south side: at least 10 Kasams were shot in last 48 hours.
    Few of them landed on a village 7 KM (air line) from here. Lots of damage been done.




    be careful out there.

    Its a sad thing, and I wish it was not so, but there are barely any reports in America about any of the Isrealis that are injured or of the actual military deaths on either side. THe only thing in the news is the civilian casualties in lebanon, it is sad, yes, but it would be nice if they would be fair and show the terrorists that are killed too. or the injured Isreali kids.

    A few days ago, in Seattle Washington USA a man (guess what religion) shot six Jewish women and killed one, I have heard almost nothing about it in our news accept I listen to many sources.

    I only hope that an international force can come soon and prevent the war from going farther.

    That is all for me




    Day 22, D worst day

    Over 200 rockets were shot till now..200. One person got killed by on of those 200.
    more were wounded. Few soldiers injured. IDF is now active in most areais of Lebanon….
    Surval Hizballas were captured..

    On the southside: not much happened today..till now..




    Day 22, addition

    At least 210 rockets, totaly were shot on the north of Israel. The highest for a day.
    160 ppl wounded from those rockets
    The person that died earlier was the “only” one to be killed from a missle today.
    At least 10 Hizzballas were killed by IDF soldiers. Important documents, inteligents papers, were found on the Hizballa’s bunkers, in addtions to ammoo and supplies.
    More rockets luanchers devices were destroyed by the IDF air force.

    That’s it for today….

    Something personal: for the first time in a while, I feel the war is going well and we acoplished some important things. It is the first time I feel we have a good momentium.




    Boy Wrote:

    THe only thing in the news is the civilian casualties in lebanon, it is sad, yes, but it would be nice if they would be fair and show the terrorists that are killed too. or the injured Isreali kids.

    Can you say….. “LIBERAL MEDIA!!!”



    @wowbagger wrote:

    Boy Wrote:

    THe only thing in the news is the civilian casualties in lebanon, it is sad, yes, but it would be nice if they would be fair and show the terrorists that are killed too. or the injured Isreali kids.

    Can you say….. “LIBERAL MEDIA!!!”

    I can, but I then have to pop a few Penguin breath mints to get the taste out of my mouth.

    Keep the info coming, ‘pache.



    Day 23…, 18:27

    Another deadly day.
    8 civilians and 2 soldiers been killed today, till now.
    Over 110 rockets been shot to the north of Israel. Houses been damaged. There are also more wounded civilians.
    IDF killed 13 Hizballas (not Hizbolla like I saw a US website) were killed at the south of Lebanon. 6 others were taken as hostages.

    The total anount of missel was cut down by a half: more then 200 yesterday>>110 today..maybe it mean something..

    I’ll update more later. Hope I won’t need to add something.



    Yo ApeMan.

    Wish I could loan you my Scorched 3D home shield kit…..
    You could use it more than I.

    anyway, I wish you the best in bad times and pray you and your family will be ok, peace be with you 😉




    Ty woflman.
    I have a bad update: one more person and one more soldier are dead.

    Nassralla threatted that if IDF air force will bomb Bayrut (the capital city of Lebanon), then Hizballa will bomb Tel is a bit wierd threat. The air force already crashed a whole area on south Bayrut. A hizzballa area.

    IDF also active on gaza. Soldiers were on missions at the south of gaza.
    Till now, since the beginning of the acton on gaza, 200 terrorists are dead. Almost same number are injured.




    Another Bad day, day 24

    3 soldiers and 3 civilians died today. The 3 civils were from arabic village..terror kills any1
    150+ rockets were shot today.
    Today was the first time that a missle landed on a [lace just 30-40 KM from Tel Aviv. The rockets never flew that far..Tel Aviv is in high alert situation. It is the first time since the Golf WAR1 15 (or more) years ago.
    40-50 ppl were injured from todays rockets.
    IDF continues with taking down hizzballa men.

    AT the south: a Kasam missle landed on a village’s swimming pool. Fortunatly no one benn killed.
    IDF killed at least 6 more terrorists on gaza.

    The Israely ppl are still strong. This war was gonna happened some day anyway. It was up to hizballa when to start it. They ment to kidnupp soldiers anyway. They just did it when it was the “best time to strike”.




    Day 25

    Another bloody day.
    Three civilains been killed today. Like yesterday, they all were from arabic village inside Israel.

    170-180 missles were shot today to the north of the country.
    IDF commandos killed at least 10 Hizzballas on the town Tzor inside Labanon. On that area, luanching and firing of missles been done daily.
    8 soldiers were wounded on the action. 1 died

    On the other side, the south, was pritty quiet..only few Kasams were fired. One of em caused damage for cars. No one injured or died.

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