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    I oped this topic in orderd to keep the “pffft” topic on its own.
    This topic is for all who wanna know whats going on in the middle east.
    If there will be complains about “none related topic or “too political topic”, np. I have no problem to remove this.

    Today 93 Katyusha’s (Grad) misslles were fired on the north of my country. 2 ppl killed. 93 (yes same number..) were injured. Few houses were totaly destroyed. Some fires were caouse by the rockets.
    In the south (near me) were fired at least 6 KASAM missles. No injuries were reported. I don’t know about a damage. Few weeks ago, though, a missle landed 2 miles from my place and started a fire the destroyed much of the nature stuff near my village.
    Now we here every day the cannon that fires to gaza (to the area that the KASAM lauchers are spoted).

    The IDF (Israel Defense Force) is now on his actions in the south of Lebeanon.

    2 Apache Hellicopters were crash into each other..1 person dead.

    That is it for today.. (till this second).




    On a serious note from the Cowbell:

    I’m not one that follows world events too closely. Watching too much news or reading too much of the newspapers of current events can be down right depressing to me.

    Sometimes we get so caught up in the make-believe game of wars and battles, we forget that there are real ones being waged and faught with real lives being lost. We see each other in this great game called Scorched3D and I, for one, don’t really give too much thought as to where you all are really from and what is going on where you all live. Reading Apache’s post tonight kinda made me stop and think that I play against real people with real lives. I for one concider you guys “friends”.

    Stay safe, Apache. Know that there is at least one person here in the states praying for you and your’s safety.



    @nomoresteve wrote:

    On a serious note from the Cowbell:

    Well said…



    i know what is war 😥 im been in war. my country was attack. war is total ****, ******
    beware pache and good luck



    Thatnk u all guys.
    I’m fine. OK. =;

    First update for today:
    I’m just after work. The cannons still firing on gaza. Few KASAM’s were shot on an area 15 mnts from me..copare to other cases is farrrrr. No1 injured.
    Few attacts on the north today. Till now no dead. A whole town been aske to evacuted from itself and to leave to the center of the country.
    ANOTHER Apache hellicopter crashed..he flew into electricity high lines…. 😕 2 injured.
    at least 6 soldiers injured in today’s milletery actions.
    Just before I entered the website, alarms were activated in the north in few places.
    I’ll update more later. I’m gonna go to my grandfather to visit him. 45 mnts from my place.

    cya, keep on scorching. I’m alright…in fact if I were told to join the army now..I would run to join and help defend my country.




    Night update:
    4 soldiers died today. 2 at the army missions in south Lebanon and the 2 Apache pilots who earlier today crashed and wounded heavly.
    More then 10 soldiers and 50 civilinas were ijuried today. 80 Grad missles were shot to north of the country.
    IDF destroyed an ammo wearhouse in gaza. Also the air force made few thousends flights and shot same number of targets in south Lebanon.

    The cannons near me started to fire again to the lauchers area in gaza.




    keep the posts up apache that we we all now your safe and well

    take care



    25.7.06, Day 14


    Today till now more than 40 missles landed at the north.
    . A bit less of those 40 landed at Haifa (100 KM from Tel Aviv).5 ppl injured. others missile landed in some other parts at the north. A city near to the boarded with Lebannon got bomb by few of those missles.
    IDF complete the take over on a village which was “Hizzballa city”. 25 Hizzballa men were killed.

    At my area: at least 4 Kasams landed at the south, on the region which my place belong to…but it was 20-25 km from here. 1 person injured, medium injury.
    The cannons began to fire again to gaza.

    IDF destroyed more terror organizations’ targets in gaza.



    Day 14,

    One of the injured ppl, a 15 yo girl killed from a direct hit of a Katyusha missile. Till this second 100 missles landed at the north of the country on big amount of civilzation places. IDF countinuing destroying missle luachers devices and Hizzballa targets at the south of Lebanon.
    This si small cut in the numbers of the total missiles that been launched over Israel….*knock knock knock*.

    That’s it for today…(hopefuly)




    🙁 Hello guys……I wish the very best to you and yours. It pains me at the thought of anyone that has to go through any sort of turmoil in there life. I wish only good things for you all ! Hang in there and keep us posted. Your friend in Missouri….:))



    Day 15, 20:40

    The worst day so far.
    22 soldiers injured and 8 killed in an event in Bint Gbail at south Lebanon. It was a big ambush wich was well planned.. 👿 20-25 Hizzballa men were killed on that xombat. 3-5 soldiers wounded in another battle on a place near there.
    Again, as usual latly, 100 missles landed at the north of israel. No civilians were killed. Minor number were injured. Few damaged houses.

    At the south: few Kasams were shot today. Just a little damage.
    The cannon fired for surval house and then paused till now. About 20 terrorists fron gaza been terminated

    I believe in the IDF and know that lessons from today are alraedy tought and next event won’t end up like the one today. Now the IDF reaction will be heavier then ever.

    Summery of last 15 days of combat:1,400 Katyushas were lauch over Isreal. 19 dead. 1,200 injured.
    On the other side(Lebanon): more then 300 are dead. Almost 100 Hizzballa terorrists been killed

    400 fires were caused by the missles.




    Day 16, 21:51

    More then 100 missels been laucnch to Israel today.
    40 injured. NONE been killed. Few direct hit at homes. Even the arabic villages in Israel, near the boared got bombed.
    IDF air force bombed Hizzballa’s targets and terror targets.
    3 reserve platoons been called to join the force.

    At the south: 5 Kasam’s landed today. Minor damaged. NONE killed. Few light injuries.
    IDF killed more terrorists in gaza.

    another avarage day…….




    Day 17 14:21

    A kasam missle hit kindergarden at the south of Israel. 2 Kids injured from reflection. 8 ppl are panic injured (don’t know how to say the turm in english..).

    The bombing of the north started today at 07:45. Few dozens already landed. No kills by this second. Houses been damaged.




    ‘pache, I know many of my fellow Canadians share this sentiment: We hope to see a prompt resolution to this. It’s a shame that only continued bloodshed seems to resolve some things.

    Lately we Canadians have been losing an increasing number of our soldiers in what was a peacekeeping role in Afganistan. Two more were flown to my base last night for their last trip home.

    The past few years we have seen an increase in losses all over. Let’s all hope that this will not continue.



    AMEN Cb!

    Day 17, summery:

    As always..more thant 100 missle were luanched over Israel INCLUDIN new type of missle: Chayber 1 Fagar 5. It can go over 100km in air before land>>Natanya, 30-40 KM from Tel Aviv. That missle never been shot before…

    Dozens were injured from today’s bombing. 1 hvy injury..luck it is just 1.
    More hoouse been damaged. One HOSPITAL got a hit. More then 10 Hizzballas been killed.

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