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    KTM Rider

    Wow, okay, I’ve obviously missed something here. I’ve noticed a seemingly building conflict (imagined or not) over mods versus stock. Then this thing about cheating pops up. Now The Official Mods are gone (not Apoc, obviously. Seeing that Apoc is packaged in the Scorched3D download, is it really a mod?).

    Because you host all of the main Official Mod servers (excluding Apoc and a couple others), Thrax, I’m assuming you took them offline. Is this something as simple as your crappy internet providers, or is something more sinister going on here? Have we Scorched3D players somehow done something wrong?

    Now, I don’t want to discuss Mods vs. Stock, or cheating. Mods vs. Stock is personal preference (and the willingness to try something new). Cheating is well…. cheating. If we accept those points at face value, what is the issue? Please lay it out flat. I hate making my brain jump through hoops.

    I’m assuming you want this to be a public discussion, Thrax, based on the message left on your site (thanks for pointing it out, AI). Quote: Mods Temporarily Offline Due to lack-of Respect.
    Want them reactivated? Inquire at the Forums. End-Quote. Then there is a link to this forum.

    Wow, this is the first thread I’ve ever started. Too bad it is on such a (in my opinion) dire situation. I’m assuming this is the right sub-forum for it, seeing that it specifically pertains to mods.



    Oh crap. I think I might have played a part in this somewhat. Is there still time to back out? I take it.

    I might have crossed the line a bit with a recent comment regarding a banned player. I didn’t quite mean to come off as disrespectful to anyone, but I guess it’s easy to mistake criticism for lack of respect. I do recognise all the good stuff Thrax has done for this game and its community. That’s not what my comment was about. It was not about anyone’s personality at all. From my viewpoint, it was about giving someone a chance to “start again” in this community. Banned or not a player, the discussion looked like a good deal of constructive commentary — up until a certain point.


    Laptops Daddy

    : ) para, you should never entirely agree with lap. i usually wouldn’t.

    menstrual cycle, yes?

    2 pennies here:

    you shouldn’t wear boots your feet can’t fill.

    if you will assume a position of authority, you need also to adopt a measure of responsibility. *edited to exclude references to little bitches and crying* (you know i’m far to to nice for my own good)

    and if you will act unilaterally in authority, you need to apply at least a small measure of magnanimity. otherwise you’re gonna get bit.

    personally, if i wanted your respect, i’d take it. and i wouldnโ€™t be asking your approval.

    anyway, so you know, thrax, i had started to (you know, internet context – doesnโ€™t mean a lot). but now you’re just being childish.

    so, i’m sorry if i always seem to be jumping on you. it’s not personal. i’m just not inclined to kowtow to bullshit. yours or anyone’s.

    if any moderators are gonna delete posts, could they please give notice and reason to the author? (same token as above)



    @parasti wrote:

    Oh crap. I think I might have played a part in this somewhat.

    *dark voicee* and then the guilt grows larger and larger, until your head explodes in a fit of rage spewing blood and large chunks of brain all over the room. and from then on,the house will smell like blood and brains all because of a semi hillarious incident.

    um… sorry about that. ๐Ÿ˜†

    feel free to delete this post aww man…



    The AI

    So where is the poll to get the mods back? What is my reason to play scorched with scorch wars gone?

    We have all lost a center piece of the scorched community, now we have to go to Canada and beg to get him back (as soon as I get a dog sled, where would I rent one?).



    @laptops Daddy wrote:

    menstrual cycle, yes?

    I know, it’s the name. Can never the hell figure out the gender of someone with a name like that.

    No, it must be the New Year resolve or something.


    Laptops Daddy

    @parasti wrote:

    No, it must be the New Year resolve…

    : ) implied differed gender role. (i think). did you see?

    and with my own comment.

    show off.

    well done. that’s much more appropriate : )

    quit being monolingual



    After speaking with Thrax for the best part of 5 minutes, the question arised in my head too. Where the buggery have the mods gone? Due to the recent events in respect to the “aiming aids, cheats” or whatever you want to interprit them as, he has taken them offline until a patch has been created to help eradicate these so all this “bitching” and people generally taking something way too seriously over something that is here to be enjoyed by us all.

    41.2 is going to help administrators spot potential cheat/hacks.

    I hear it could be the weekend that they may be back online if this patch is released then. Also as some of you probably know, im away alot due to recent events and everytime i return, something has happened. Why? If we all got on much better, stoppped the accusation, the bitching. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but some things are just better left alone. If we all got on, then respective, regular players wont be disadvantaged to the point where they cant play what they want to play because of a minority. My personal opinion is being left unsaid but at the end of the day, people cant enjoy what they want to. Cant we just bury it in the sand and move on.

    Finger ache now so im getting off to some bot bashing.


    KTM Rider

    Thanks Princey. Glad to see that the Mod servers are back up. I’d say we owe Thrax a word of thanks.

    Now, does anyone know how to get their hands on v41.2? I’m either totally blind, or Thrax updated his servers from the Dev forums.



    indeed theyare gone until the new patch get realesed or until and topic gets resolved

    i can totaly understand thraxs views and i stand by him

    The mods are great and offer ppl new maps new weapons and very challenging bots to say the least, the mods actualy keep me going during all the nightmares of late as they make you think and change ideas and tactics

    i personaly cant wait for the to come back they rock

    The other day paris and myself were playing canada server against 12 super bots and wow what a game it was it totaly rocked

    Or maybe another idea is to open a couple of mods with a password protection for certain ppl to play ๐Ÿ˜‰ selfish yes but i miss them to much



    Yes KTM, they are back up using a patch release that is only available for developers but the general release will hopefully be up and running in the next couple of days so Thrax informs me. Like Jinx sais and as you can understand due to recent events, Thrax wanted to resolve all the issues that have been going on and we all should be able to play them within the next few days without any accusations and “unfair” play.

    I have stood by Thrax with this decision too although the bastage has gave me some severe withdrawal symptoms but in the end, hes done all the regular mod players a favour.

    Hope to see you all on their soon.


    pastor of muppets

    All I know is there were 3 very heartbroken kids when they finished their chores Wednesday and we couldn’t find children’s mod. When they asked where it went I explained that some people were fighting over cheating on this game and the kids couldn’t understand 2 things.

    1. Why would you cheat on an internet game because you don’t really win anything.

    2. Who cares if someone else is cheating you don’t have to win to have fun.

    This is from the minds of kids ages 9, 7, and 5. If they get it why doesn’t everyone else on here get it? Drop it move on have fun. We will wait patiently for children’s mod to return I don’t blame Thrax I blame all the people who just can’t move past this.



    Couldnt of said it better POM. I have since spoken with Thrax and childrens mod should be back on within the next couple of days. Apologies.



    Common guys!

    Take it on the chin, and lets move on.

    If i can live with a woman who reeks of clam dip oder, you guys should be able to tolerate a few bed wetting cheaters.

    Cheer up please ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for all the support in the past ๐Ÿ˜€



    Holy Schniky! I’ve been off line over the holidays. What in the world are you all buzzing about?
    Cheaters! Mod! Disappointed Kids! Condemnation and Repentance! You guys are more exciting that “As the World Turns”.
    Keep it going!!! I’m getting some popcorn!

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