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    Apropos hedgehogs:

    My grand-aunt accidently broke a bottle of egg liqueur. We were just in a serious card game, so she just put it into a hedge to dump it later… Forgotten, happens.

    The next morning, we heard a sound snoring out of the hedge. Guess who. Now the sherds were clean.

    Another garden. There was a ceramic flat round flower pot, quite outdated, therefore laying empty between hedges. The previous day, lawn mowing was interrupted by a short summer shower, so we decided to let the hay dry before forking it together. The following day, a kind of hissing and barking came from the flower pot, where some of the hay probably got blown into … or dragged into? A careful inspection revealed that it was no tasmanian devil, but instead a couple of hedgehogs enjoying together…

    You can’t believe the noise hedgehogs can make if you never witnessed that.

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