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    A cold crispy winters night last night, i was driving down a gloomy town centre A-road when quite possibly the weirdest thing i have ever seen happened right in front of me.

    A Mcdonalds McFlurry cup moving about in the road. obviously i had to put my hazard warning lights on, park up and get out to see what this thing was….
    My god i fell on the floor with laughter. A hedgehog walking round aimlessly and obviously blind with a Mcflurry Cup stuck on its head. So the greedy little critter had obviously seen the cup on the side of the road, stuck his head in to suck out what he can and get the thing stuck over his head.

    Believe me, i was on the floor in stitches with laughter, even a guy passing by on hi motorbike stopped, asked if i was okay and asked what i was doing, i pointed at the hedgehog and bang. There was two of us rolling arounf the floor in laughter.

    Next a policeman comes, asks if everything is okay, i show him the problem and bang, the whole of my local police force are down within 5 minutes because they too cannot believe it. My god it was funny. Anyway…

    I tried, police tried and the motorcyclist tried to get the cup off his head without causing harm but we couldn’t so we left it, Wether the police sorted it i dont know but they moved him out the road. All i can say is man i wish i had a camera or even my mobile phone for that matter. It was a picture and a half. Any of you guys top that one ???



    I dont know if this would top it, but me and a friend, his son and my daughters lil chihuahua Ludo were coming back from Pismo beach driving through a town called Kerman, I am at a stop light when the guy behind me honks his horn, well the light was still red and I wondered wtf? THEN……..
    I look in the rear view mirror, ‘it is night mind you’ and I see in my back window the dark image of Ludo with his tail straight in the air and a turd hanging from his rear end, the headlights from the car behind us outlighned the dog making it look like a black and white image, about the same time the smell hit us and I could hear the people laughing hysterically from the car behind us, after the light changed, which seemed like an eternity we had to pull over because I was laughing so hard and the smell was horrific.
    at the gas station we removed the turd still laughing and replaced it with a bathroom freshener we stole from the restroom because everything was closed 😯



    No, I can’t beat it but it did remind me an encounter I had with a hedge hog last summer. After closing down the bars my co-workers and I were walking back to our hotel. A hedge hog ran out onto the street and I suppose it thought I looked like a tree. I stood perfectly still with my feet together and the little rascal ran right over to me and sat on my boots.

    As it turned out, I was the only one that ended the night with something to take back to the hotel although one of the guys was doing pretty well with a fairly convincing trans-sexual. That is until we told him. The girl dealing black jack said she hoped to see me again. 8) Yeah, I lost and the more I lost the better I tipped her. 😉 Oh yeah, the hedge hog … no, I shooed it away and we all had a good laugh about my luck with the girls as we staggered back to our rooms. I told the guy that had been hitting on the trans-sexual that the hedge hog had almost as much stuble as his new girl friend. I had totally forgotten all about that night.

    Thanks for the reminder. 🙂





    Menu of chinese resturant i went to:
    Sweet and sour pork
    Masterbation fried pickled chicken
    Almond chicken

    not exactly random but damn gross and funny! 😛 sorry i can’t remember the prices… 😛



    I don’t know whether this tops all the stories, but back in Bulgaria, we(my family) had a pretty loyal dog- a Collie- that I tormented all the time. One day, i poured motor oil on its head.(as far as i can remember, this was the most ridiculous thing i’ve done to him. and here’s a list of all the things i remember doing to it:

    Chased it around with and hit it with a hose.
    Tried to ride it- like a horse.
    whip it with grape vines
    squeeze and pull its ears.
    pee on him. (he evened the score on that one)
    i think i actually shot him with bow and a plastic arrow.
    and of course- the oil trick.
    and even with all that, he was still loyal+never actually bit back or attack. (unlike some psycho dogs in that neighbourhood)

    But unfortunately, he got Diabetes and the Vet killed him with the wrong medicine. 🙁 😡 🙁 😮



    and about the psycho dogs(they were the neighbour’s ‘hounds’) once they nearly ate her hand(when she was just petting them). PSYCHO DOGS- woman’s worst nemesis.



    thats just plain wrong, the dog should have mauled you, how would you have liked it???/



    Jesus guys, i didnt realise ow many of these kinda things could happen. But i imagine we all wish we had cameras on these ‘funny’ times. In response to Direwolf and his chihuahua Ludo, im loving that diagram. I had it all pictured out, and skillz, i think that is the last time i ever eat from a chinese.

    Man that grossed me out. Its just amazing some of the silly things that can happen in life. You break any of these comments to any person in the street, they all sound like fairy tales.

    Rommel, next time you have a night like that. Give me a call and ill be happy to tag along hehe.

    Anyways keep em coming and have fun guys.



    Forgive me for being thick and not knowing this if it is true but Rommel, you in the forces buddy?



    The funniest recent thing for me was….

    It was a regular thing that my mates n I would go out on a thursday night, get drunk, do silly things but not get arrested (be between 3 and 7 of us), mate ray, used to be a pro m/b / bmx trials rider, but quit because he kept getting injuries and had kids, so didnt wanna get injured and not be able to provide (this becomes important soon)

    So, one night, which I wasnt out for, he took his misses along too, she had a few beers and decided to try some free running 9that black dude at the start of casino royal is a free runner), not to be out done, ray then does some himself, all is going well, till he runs up a wall, about 9′ high, then jumps off the top.
    This is where it went wrong, he landed wrong and ended up breaking his left heel bone.

    The next week we’re out, he’s on his crutches, and walking home, we pass where he jumped, upon seeing this wall, I laugh at him for being a girly t**t and messing it up enough to BREAK his heel, so, up I go.
    Everyones telling me its a bad idea and I actually think, yea, this aint right, theres a wall RIGHT behind me, to I have to stand upright on the very edge, but, alas, I have little fear of such things, so down I go and up on my butt.
    Seems fine to start with, so I start mocking him (like you would), only as the number of steps taken increases, so the pain increases, to the point where, after 5 minutes and where we split up, I am in SERIOUS pain.

    Turns out, I badly bruised my right heel bone and slightly bruised my right.

    3 weeks later I get back to work, but still cant walk properly for another week and another week and a half after that, I was finally fixed.
    He mean while STILL cant walk properly and may need it pinned (this all happened about 7-8 weeks ago)
    However, I still mock him as I was right, he is a girl, he broke his heel, I only bruised mine!!!!!

    The thrusday nights are due to start again soon, so the anticts will again begin, however, hopefully I wont miss any work again (only usually get cuts, bruises and dirty clothes).



    Yeah, about the dog- I WAS NO OLDER THAN 6
    so keep your ‘death wishes to yourselves’! 😡 😡



    No, just a temporary assingment in Vasteras, Sweden. Very nice city with most exceptional looking women unless they are really a man. 😯

    @princey wrote:

    Forgive me for being thick and not knowing this if it is true but Rommel, you in the forces buddy?

    I will have the server up soon. Krieg ohne Hass


    Generalfeldmarschall Erwin J. E. Rommel



    here is another story (nothing about me being cruel to a pet), this one, my grandmother told me, when i was 9, or something.

    Anyways here’s the story:
    my grandparents own a farm in Bulgaria, so it would make sense that this farm belonged to my family for generations.

    So this story is about my great-grandparents. One night my great-grandmother brought up that she thinks she forgot to close the barn.(foxes were the main threat to farm animals at that time) So she went to see to it that the barn is closed. She was right- the barn was wide-open and there was a fox inside, heading for the hens) she screamed, and the fox- nowhere to run froze on one spot, so did my great-grandma(right on the door).

    my great granpa came to see what was happening and saw the fox- he shut the barn door and locked it with my great grandmother and the fox inside.

    During that time my great grandma and the fox(both frozen like statues) kept staring at each other, probably both of them petrified at that moment. Then came my grandpa with the gun- and shot the fox, before it got away.

    I don’t know about y’all, but this story put everyone on the floor with laughter. kinda wonder what happened afterwards, definitely not a divorce(’cause i’m here, aren’t I?). 😆 😆 😆



    Lol, very nice peanuts… Invite?? itll onli take me 3 hrs to drive. The pic had me curious rommel…. Like the 2nd story better dude… Werent a big fan of the doggy one 😉



    @princey wrote:

    Lol, very nice peanuts… Invite?? itll onli take me 3 hrs to drive.

    Course you can come along man, just bear in mind that many a time we didnt finish till 4 ish in the morning with work that day, once Eillis had to start at 6a.m and we didnt split up till 5, all absolutely HAMMERED! (course, he didnt go to work, but none the less).
    That was when we hit a kids (seriously most of em were about 15-16) mosh pit, was a great laugh seeing all the kids acting cool, hard and ‘adult like’, could SOO remember doing everything they were doing.
    best bit was, they had a pole for dancing, so we took that over, made fools of ourselves, realised this, so continued!!

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