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    I guess what i’m saying is, the terrain has way too many spikes/variations in it. It’s awfully spikey still. Maybe less “noise” in the terrain generation… I don’t recall the original Scorched terrain being so rough.



    Hmm… Maybe you should post a screenshot showing us what you mean, because i do not think the terrain is wery spiky…

    And what platform(OS) and 3D accellerator do you got?



    I think it may be a problem with nVidia cards (I have a GeForce FX 5200). I know I see the “spiky” terrain, and also the spikes change and smooth out sometimes depending on camera angle and distance. I took some screenshots, but unfortunately I can’t access my University right now, otherwise I’d have them uploaded and have links to them in this post.

    The current driver I am using is, released last October. I’m getting ready to try the latest driver to see if it helps.




    Not using an nVidia card.

    ATI Radeon 9600 PRo, Win2k.



    this is the most awesome game that i have seen in a long time 😀 . i sometimes can’t believe that it is free ware ❗ . ok well i would like to see something in version 37 for tank creation. i know that you may have limited time on your hands for this stuff and you probrably arn’t paid enough but it would be cool.

    for all those who want to have a “custom map maker” it would take half of the fun out of the came 🙁 . but a “custom tank maker” now that would be good! 8)



    A simple but nice features for 3.7 would be to have the configuration files (.xml, .txt) moved to a subdir of the home directory of each user.

    This way different users of the same PC could have different display settings, etc… and the “sample” config files in ‘data’ could be left read only and copied to the right location each time a new user starts using the game.

    I know this is a cause for porting trouble, and i do not have an absolutely OS-independent solution to do this, but i think it is easy to do both on windows (%HOME%scorched3d or something like this ?) and all unix-likes ($HOME/.scorched3d/ for instance).

    It was probably already somewhere on the todolist anyway 😉

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