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    Great job on Version 36. This is one of (if not the best) free game i’ve played. 😀
    Now, what can we expect for version 37. I know there’s a todo list and i already looked at it. What mean is what is the focus. For 35 (or 34, i forget) it was the napalm; for 36, it was the team play. Now what is the big thing for 37?



    Unfortunately the focus for version 36 was stuff that is not visible by the end user and so will mainly go un-noticed. The teams, graphics and other game play enhancements were put on top of the other changes so the people would see a visible difference :).

    The main focus for 36 was actually three parts:
    1) To rework the game engine, it is this work that took most of the time (80 %). Between 35 and 36 most of the engine code was rewritten. The game has undergone some large changes during its transition from terrain renderer to game. This final (hopefully) refactoring was to change the single player mode so underneath it was doing exactly the same as the online mode. When you run a single player game it starts a local server (in the same process) and connects to it. You are actually playing online but locally with yourself! This is cool because the single player and online code are now the same, testing one tests the other, and putting new features into the online game puts them into the single player game.

    2) (10 %) To make the server browsing system completely cross platform. All of the game now works across all of the systems. Previously only the windows version could browse games or create a server that others could use. Now all systems can.

    3) (5 %) To make more configurable. The AIs, tanks, landscapes, weapons, keys etc can all now be configured via xml files. You can completely change the feel of the game by editing these files.

    Phew :), anyway that was 36.

    As for 37, I am open to suggestions. Luckily I won’t need to do any major engine work, so all the time can go into new features :).

    High on the list for me are:-
    o trees and buildings (most done already)
    o perhaps different camera views in windows/split screen
    o user stats and a stats webpage (partialy done)




    User stats is exactly what this game needed, also it will be nice to be able to check how much ass i have been kicking 😛 Anyway what stats will the game be recording?

    Too bad hacker wannabe`s are always on the loose to ruin the fun of everyone by artificially changing the results. 🙁



    The server already creates raw stats files. They are located in the logs directory. Now all we need is to process these files into the actual stats.

    One of the developers (Cameron) has started this so it should not be long now.



    I think you should focus on making Scorched3D work with more different graphic configurations under Linux.
    I could not get it to run on MDK 9.2, and on two different systems: Athlon 1.2GHz w/ GF2 Ti and Athlon 1700+ w/ Radeon IGP. The same nasty “cannot find GLX visual” keeps bugging me.

    I’ve tried many things from a previous thread from here (compile from CVS, patching in the display hack, and so on), but it remained the same. Guess I’ll have to play it on Windows till it works… that’s really a shame; Scorched3D is an AMAZING game.

    Oh, and while we’re about it (compiling…), you should definitely add -L /usr/X11R6/lib to your LDFLAGS 😉

    Keep up the great work!



    Yeah, it would be great if you put work into the *NIX graphics engine. Would bee great to use water and GL extensions (whatever this is). The Radeon 16M is acctually a quite nice card. (having very much fun blasting the FPS out of the flashy new 3 ghz @ 3.2 ghz athlons with three times the ammount of RAM, 6 times graphic RAM and water coolant in CS in Windows. Only thing I use windows for :D)



    Well I just put my radeon test card back into a machine and ran it up.
    Under windows xp and the latest drivers scorched3d runs fine for me with everything switched on (25 fps).

    Perhaps my card is too new to show the problems. Or perhaps I need to try under linux.

    The card is a radeon VE 7000 64MB.



    Think the problem lies with the Linux drivers, yes.

    And my card isn’t very old. It has also nice GL support in all other apps. Not that I know too much about 3D rendering, but could it be that it tries to exeed the amount of RAM? What about getting the SDL team to look into it?

    I know that another project, tracballs (just google), which has made an GL clone of old Amiga trackballs, is using just this card. You migth try to make some contact.



    Well since let me first say: GREAT game! Now some sugestions:

    I don’t know how many ppl tried playing this game with 3D shutterglasses but I have; and I must say I was blown away :shock:! There are simply no words as to describe following a missile as it hits the enemy square on. It’s a whole different experience. However there are some graphical glithes, some bigger then other when playing 3d and i was hoping you could fix them.

    1. The biggest one is that the mouse is 2D, that is there are 2 instead of one in 3d mode and to click on something you got to aim inbetween them. This shouldn’t be hard to fix as other games using OGL have it (wolf ET, but then it might be hard i duno)

    2. I had to remove the wind and plan overlays because the 3d in them (hmm maby it was the wind only) was causing lines of the colour of the “wind ground” (the sandwith) to be displayed accross the screen; (I think it’s skewering the wind panel somehow). The small 3D tank in the bottom right corner is causing the same problem tho to a smaller degree since it is smaller and not always on.

    3. The ingame menues are hard to focus on (maby change depth to the same as the buying screen? since that is o.k.).

    4. The small text next to your tank that is updated as you move barrel change power etc. is shifted all the way to the right of the screen (is it 2d?) and is not entirely visible.

    If this errors get fixed (mainly the mouse one) then that will be the ONLY way I play this game.

    BTW: can we have an option for MORE cloud smoke on the nuke mushroom cloud (denser)? 😀 It’s Just so gorgeous in 3D



    sure a denser nuke mushroom cloud would LOOK great – but not everybody has such good 3D HW as you…



    Well could it be made an option? Plus my hardware is not that great TI4200 1.3 TBird 768 RAM. Or maby it is already configurable in a config file? I took a look at v35 screenshots and the nuke cloud looks MUCH better imho.



    Great game 🙂

    Can you make “caves” like in the first scorched earth game for the next release?
    A new way of landscaping for underground terrain would be good.

    gotta throw another missile



    was there cave in the original scorched? funny, i never saw them. Maybe I did not play _the_ original…



    There was, indeed caves in the original. When you shot the top, dirt would fall down and cover any enemies underneath.

    I agree, caves would kick ass in this game.

    Speaking of the Original, does anyone know where I might find the full version of it.



    @deathstryker … you might send me via ICQ 53279086 a short message and if im lucky enough to catch you online i send you the small RARed file anytime.. or you can try to get it through the million filesharing clients all around the web 😈

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