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    Okay here is the deal

    I have returned raptormod to its “balanced” state.

    You all have one week to do any tournaments or play any games on the official Raptormod server.

    Running this server is not fun for me anymore. I have heard enough complaints about the bots being in and also about me giving too much cahs to the players(??!!) and also about the new weapons I added to the raptormod when it was under MY control.

    Edit: I would love to lock everyone out with a password, but I won’t. what I will do is set up the server MY way and if anyone doesn’t like it and they join the server, they can either leave, or I will remove them by force.

    Apollo you were wrong. Its not the admins who are the problem, the problem is the players.




    SORRY to hear it panther 🙁 🙁



    Sorry to hear the problems, but as you can see some people some just like to complain, complain, complain.

    As the sever is, I like it, but like every game it need some balancing Once you get the weapons balanced enough don’t work on them anymore and work on new ones. 8)


    stop working on weapons for v38 and start working on weapons for v39.

    I already have 3 for 39 but can’t think of how to make a storm cloud explosion for a Lightning Storm weapon. (But I have a good idea on the code already)



    looks like I will need to make a poll.




    is not so bad i have been in server whit actually good players that use most of the weapons,thoug im still trying to make them as balanced as possible



    everything is back to normal.

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