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    I got this from which got it from

    1. The U.S. govern­ment plans to track homeless persons by implanting RFID chips in them.

    2. Comedian Andy Kaufman has returned, 20 years after faking his death.

    3. The BabyInk body art chain specializes in tattooing babies.

    4. Florida’s governor asked residents to reduce electrical usage during Ted Bundy’s execution.

    5. You can purchase human flesh through a company called ManBeef.

    6. The 2003 California wildfires left the U.S. facing a severe toilet-paper shortage.

    7. A Web site offers a device for performing laser eye surgery at home.



    HMMM–In light of what happened to me yesterday………..How many people would it take to cause that toilet paper shortage? (#6)
    See Offtopic>can you top my bad day 😯


    mecha mario

    eh u forget numbah 8 that i got recently

    8.The African King oferring 2.8million dolars

    if africa had that much money they would be hving so many problems:)



    E-mail from there are common, I used to get one or more a week…

    Its funny as heck some of them.

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