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    Just wanted to take a moment to say Thank you to Thrax for adjusting the MCB Server settings to be very similar to the tournement server settings.

    I have found this very useful when warming up for matches and getting used to the short shot time.

    Very decent of you man, thank you!




    I agree… thanks Thrax.



    wow.. ok..

    Originally, when Outer asked if I’d host the Tourney-server for him, I
    had to refuse since I was unsure about a 100%-stable server for matchs.

    The least I can do is provide a practice area with nearly the same
    settings, so combattants can prepare a little. They aren’t exactly
    the same, but enough to give you a bit of readyness for the real thing.

    I’ll relax them again to the original setup after the competition is over.
    That wind changing on shots is rather nasty for normal play, but
    definately adds that needed variable to a pure skill battle.



    personaly i think it would be a nice outage from playing mcb in main

    maybe in time the players that love the mcb game can have the harder challenge there while maybe trying to keep mcb out of main

    this of course would be very difficult but would be nice to see main getting back to how it used to be

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